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20 Jan 2009 Strep throat causes and symptoms antibiotics prescribed for strep throat, including amoxicillin, penicillin, azithromycin, cefuroxime learn what 4 Apr 2013 1 Answer - Posted in: cipro, strep throat, antibiotic, antibiotics, throat - Answer: The best antibiotic for strep throat is the one your Dr

if my throat is sore and itchy and coughing up phlem can i use this medication to treat it as a preventive for a full blown chest infecton or strep

Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the benefits and side effects of Cipro to treat Strep Throat: Dr. Kwok on will cipro treat strep throat: However Cipro Azithromycin is not a recommended anabiotic for strep throat and neither is ciprofloxacin. Azithromycin does work but is is not recommended to be used as a Cipro and strep throat - Efficient drugs with no side effects. We deliver quick and give you affordable deals on prescription medications. Efficient medications

Strep Throat: Antibiotics for Streptococcal Pharyngitis

Yes it would work but you really need a full 10 day supply. It is important to complete the full course of antibiotics to prevent rheumatic fever or an Find information about which conditions Cipro oral is commonly used to treat

24 Dec 2014 Taking ciprofloxacin for strep throat is generally effective, but is not always the best treatment option. Some types of bacteria 10 Apr 2011 I have no developed a mild sore throat and I have white patches on my tonsils. My question is has anyone ever been given cipro for strep