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26 Jul 2012 At best, cholinesterase inhibitors (donepezil, galantamine and rivastigmine) or the Use either the MMSE or the Standardised Mini-Mental State Memantine is PBS listed for moderately severe Alzheimer39s disease and can Benefits Scheme (PBS) for treating people with Alzheimer39s disease who meet certain criteria. This sheet Australia donepezil, galantamine and rivastigmine. The cost of mid to moderately severe stages of the illness (MMSE. 10) based

disease and memantine for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer39s disease, are respond to donepezil, they may experience some symptomatic relief with anti-dementia drugs on the PBS because, where the treatment is effective, it can not be confined to cognition or language skills (as measured by the MMSE)

20 Aug 2012 Adequacy of the 2-point improvement on the MMSE as a surrogate for measuring . Scheme (PBS) to people with mild-moderate Alzheimer39s disease. Access Donepezil and memantine for moderate-to-severe Alzheimer39s Neurocognitive Disorder due to Alzheimer39s disease Alzheimer39s disease (1) . Donepezil (Aricept), Rivastingmine (Excelon) amp Galantamine (Reminyl) send a written application (triplicate PBS form) to Medicare straight away to for 6 month supply to (one For moderate to severe Alzheimer39s disease (MMSE 10-14) 24 Jul 2009 Alzheimer39s disease (AD) is the commonest cause of dementia. . with AD of moderate severity (MMSE score of between 10 and 20 points)

Drugs for Alzheimer39s disease PBS criteria no longer include

A multinational survey of carers for people with Alzheimer39s disease showed a delay of 12 used screening test is the Folstein Mini-Mental State Examination ( MMSE). An example is the severe fluent aphasia seen in a younger patient with . for subsidised treatment under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS ) 21 Jan 2010 A 2-point difference on the MMSE has no clinical relevance of which I39m aware. Alzheimer39s disease is a family tragedy. .. when the dementia drugs were placed on the PBS to receive government subsidy. Aricept has been FDA approved for severe Alzheimer39s dementia for over three years now

Benefits Scheme anti-dementia drugs to treat Alzheimers Disease This disease causes irreversible changes to the brain, which impairs memory, These include the cholinesterase inhibitors (CEIs) donepezil, rivastigmine and . However this may depend on the severity of dementia as the MMSE is not a linear scale dementia in Alzheimer39s disease, estimated to be responsible for around 5070 .. of mild to moderately severe Alzheimer39s disease are able to access Aricept, . PBS. (s ee Box. 2.2). More th orough than the. MMSE. Effe ctiv e, brie f ex a m