Mixing alcohol with paxil

Eight important things you need to know about paroxetine. Like all medicines . Do not drink alcohol while you are taking paroxetine. Alcohol may make your Using PARoxetine together with ethanol can increase nervous system side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may

PAXIL is an anti-depressant, alcohol is a depressant. If you are drinking while on paxil you39re giving your brain a major mixed message. My pill bottle comes from

30 Jul 2012 It is believed that alcohol and paroxetine act on the same brain chemicals therefore should not be used together. Combining Paxil and alcohol Paroxetine is used treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety Drinking alcohol can increase some of the side effects of paroxetine 20 Oct 2014 As with other SSRIs, mixing alcohol with Paxil can lead to some uncomfortable side effects. But Paxil can lead to other potentially surprising

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I take prescription medication (paroxetine) in the morning and also The reason alcohol and paxil can39t be combined is because together they Paxil has an active ingredient of paroxetine, which helps to stabilize mood By mixing paroxetine and alcohol, you are reducing the medication39s ability to

I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I know this sounds bad enough, but there is one more problem with me. I like to drink alcohol There is some degree of confusion surrounding the question of mixing Paxil and alcohol and whether or not there are dangerous physical or psychological