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Nov 16, 2008 The inaugural celebration of International Baby Wearing Week also serves as a platform for the Motrin brand39s launch of their new ads (below) Nov 17, 2008 Two days after a new ad push for Motrin triggered an online edited them into a nine-minute video on YouTube titled Motrin Ad Makes Moms

Nov 16, 2008 The infamous, offensive ad from Motrin, just in case they pull it from their site Glow Marketing, marketing to Moms in a meaningful way

Nov 18, 2008 Now that the controversial Motrin ad that offended babywearers nationwide has been pulled, we humbly offer an alternative. Voicescript: Nov 16, 2008 What happens when companies don39t use Mom Experts.. Bad PR. Very Bad PR. Motrin published an ad offending baby-wearing moms and Nov 17, 2008 Update: Motrin has now apologized on their site (see screenshot Above Screentshot: 6,000 views on Youtube Video: Motrin Ad Makes Moms

Motrin Moms: Social Media Fail Whale

Dec 13, 2013 something to go above and beyond for her family. And for us, that39s inspiring Children39s MOTRIN is celebrating Unstoppable Moms like you Celebrate Unstoppable Moms with Kelly Ripa Children39s MOTRIN see more videos celebrating Unstoppable Moms, visit our MOTRIN YouTube Channel

Nov 24, 2008 The two YouTube posts of the actual ad in question (which was removed from drew a combined 216,000 views through Nov. 21 Oct 6, 2014 The Makers of Children39s MOTRIN encourage you to share your tips and tricks for keeping the fun inside during bad weather. Post your tip or