Coumadin and menthol

8 Nov 2011 Most patients are aware that warfarin interacts with many like topical pain relief creams, can contain menthol and salicylates which have the About Methyl salicylateMentholCapsicumCamphor and how it works. This medicine is used The following medicines may interact with this medicine: warfarin

Medications known to interact with menthol methyl salicylate topical. anisindione middot Coumadin (warfarin) middot dicumarol middot Jantoven (warfarin) middot Miradon ( anisindione)

Learn about drug interactions between eucalyptus-menthol-lanolin top and warfarin oral and use the RxList drug interaction checker to check drug 11 May 2010 Some debate exists surrounding the use of menthol cough drops in patients on warfarin because of altered international normalized ratio Warfarin Interactions. Warfarin is subject to many different types of interactions. . Increases effect of warfarin. Menthol. May decrease the effect of warfarin

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About Methyl salicylateMentholCamphor and how it works. This medicine helps relieve interact with this medicine: coumarin anticoagulants such as warfarin 18 Aug 2008 Very few people taking warfarin are warned that avocados, green tea or menthol cough drops could also have a negative impact on their

CAUTION: Anyone taking Coumadin should be getting regular International . use of menthol and Coumadin may result in reduced anticoagulant effectiveness Probable warfarin interaction with menthol cough drops. Coderre K(1), Faria C, Dyer E. Author information: (1)Clinical Pharmacy Services, University of