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Has a generic version of Imodium been approved Consumer Information ( Wolters Kluwer) Imodium Advanced Consumer Information (Micromedex) Loperamide hydrochloride is the generic name for Imodium and is a synthetic anti-diarrheal agent Does Imodium Advanced work faster than Imodium A-D

Imodium is used to treat and control diarrhea, including traveler39s diarrhea. Learn about side effects, Pronunciation. Generic Name: loperamide (oral) (loe PER a mide) . Consumer resources. Imodium middot Imodium (Advanced Reading)

Generic Name Loperamide. Brand Names Imodium, Imodium AD, Pepto Diarrhea Control, Kaopectate II Caplets. Type of Drug Narcotic antidiarrheal loperamide-simethicone oral brand names and other generic formulations include: Anti-Diarrheal (lope)-Anti-Gas Oral, Imodium Advanced Oral, Imodium Additionally, caution should be used when treating patients with advanced HIV . Imodium Advanced containing loperamide and simethicone for treating both

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GENERIC NAME: LOPERAMIDESIMETHICONE - ORAL (low-PAIR-uh-midesye- METH-ih-cone). BRAND NAME(S): Imodium Advanced. Medication Uses How 22 Sep 2006 The FDA has approved first-time generic formulations of levonorgestrel plus ethinyl estradiol (Quasense Seasonale) nonprescription