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10 May 2001 A 39Miracle39 Drug for Leukemia. Gleevec kills the cancer cells and leaves normal cells alone. Please note: This article was published more than Some say it39s a miracle drug. Others call it a silver bullet. Gleevec, also marketed internationally as Glivec and sometimes referred to by its chemical name

25 Apr 2013 Gleevec is the kind of miracle pill cancer researchers dream about. Introduced in 2001, the drug and others in its class dramatically increased

Imatinib changed the way we think about cancers in general. It was truly a miracle drug. But so was penicillin, and how often are patients treated with penicillin 10 May 2013 In The Philadelphia Chromosome journalist Jessica Wapner tells the story of the breakthrough cancer drug Gleevec, which has saved the lives 24 Dec 2008 The result was the miracle drug Gleevec. An advance like Gleevec only comes along once in 10 lifetimes, says cancer center consultant Dr

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25 Jan 2013 All cancer is the result of genetic abnormalities. In 2001, however, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a new drug, Gleevec 7 May 2014 Then the miracle breakthrough: Doctors gave Emily a rheumatoid arthritis Already cancer drugs represent 11.2 billion of Novartis39 58 billion in annual a cancer drug called GleevecVasella even wrote a book about it

Dec. 6, 2006 -- When first introduced in 2001, Gleevec was hailed as a miracle drug poised to usher in a new age in cancer treatment. Now, five years later, 25 Oct 2012 Imatinib is unlike the conventional chemotherapy drugs that came before it. Could imatinib produce a similar miracle effect in other cancers