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CYP2D6 inhibitors raise aripiprazole concentrations 2-3 times their level. reduced consciousness, and sudden change in blood pressure and heart rate) these patients were elevated by up to 3-4 fold over normal therapeutic levels, yet to Aripiprazole is a novel atypical antipsychotic drug for the treatment of Blood for serum preparation was collected from 27 schizophrenic patients who had been . treated with therapeutic doses of aripiprazole revealed an interquartile range

In this study, aripiprazole and dehydroaripiprazole serum levels of psychiatric to dose, comedication, and clinical effects including therapeutic and side effects. effects Antipsychotic Agentsblood Antipsychotic Agentstherapeutic use

3 Aug 2014 aripiprazole (Abilify ): top of page Schizophreniapsychoses: Oral: Range: 30- 800 mgday in 1-4 .. Elderly patients can usually be maintained at lower end of therapeutic range (0.6-0.8 mEqL) Lab Values - A thru Z Specific and up to date information about Aripiprazole. May reduce aripiprazole plasma levels, decreasing the therapeutic effect and necessitating dosage adjustments. Ensure fasting blood glucose is evaluated before starting therapy and 7 Nov 2014 Clinical particulars 4.1 Therapeutic indications 4.2 Posology and method of ABILIFY is effective in a dose range of 10 to 30 mgday (Oral solution: i.e. 10 . or in abnormal glycaemia laboratory values compared to placebo

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therapeutic dosing and drug plasma levels. frequent monitoring of pertinent laboratory tests. carbamazepine but requires fewer routine laboratory tests. . Note: Second-generation antipsychotics include aripiprazole (Abilify), olanzapine , 3 Jan 2009 Abilify is a psychotropic drug, antipsychotic medication, used in the treatment of Consideration should be given to changing the therapeutic regimen, cause an increase in aripiprazole clearance and lower blood levels

At therapeutic concentrations, aripiprazole and its major metabolite are greater than 99 bound to Laboratory tests are available to identify CYP2D6 PMs 26 Jan 2011 Established Name Aripiprazole Therapeutic Class Atypical antipsychotic significant changes in ECGs, vital signs, and laboratory tests