Prednisone and atarax together

I39m concerned that when I stop the predisone and hydroxyzine they39ll come back full force. . All together I am taking 8 antihistamines a day This answer should not be considered medical advice down arrow This answer should not be considered medical advice and should not take the

Taking them together is a duplication, unless you39re taking Benadryl for allergies or Hydroxyzine is prescription-only, a more potent antihistamine with a greater chance of drowsiness. Prednisone does not interact with either of the others

Take your Prednisone, be patient, and don39t take extra Atarax unless you need it . Ex. Have your child off it for 3 weeks toss them simple puzzles to put together Which is better: Hydroxyzine HCl or Prednisone On prednisone and hydroxyzine hcl for hives. One of those (or perhaps both together) worked a treat Remember that the prednisone is very harsh on your stomach. Have food on your stomach when you take each dose The hydroxyzine will make you drowsy

Hives for 7 days day, last day of prednisone hydroxyzine hcl

29 Sep 2012 2 Answers - Posted in: atarax, prednisone, doctor, medicine, antibiotic, skin - Answer: It would help with itching and you can take it with Summary: drug interactions are reported among people who take Prednisone and Hydroxyzine together. This review analyzes the effectiveness and drug

Which is better: Hydroxyzine or Prednisone Patient posts show similar satisfaction when used for Itching View drug interactions between Atarax and prednisone. These medicines may also interact with certain foods or diseases