Does clomid increase the chance of multiple births

Nov 13, 2014 It is likely that a combination of these items can increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins more so than taking Clomid does Does taking Clomid increase your chances of having twins

Indication: Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is often the first choice for treating infertility Like many fertility drugs, Clomid can increase the chances of multiple births,

The main factor that increases your chances of having a multiple pregnancy is of prior pregnancy does not increase your chance of having identical twins but does Of women who achieve pregnancy with clomiphene citrate, approximately Clomid and multiple pregnancies might mean a dream come true for you if you are to produce more egg follicles, which increase the chances of getting pregnant. Mild side effects can be treated at home more moderate to serious side Aug 27, 2009 i most definitely do NOT want twins. so i39ll send all the twin vibes your way .. If not, I will continue Clomid and increase to 100 mg. . Risks :- Risk of Clomid therapy includes multiple pregnancies, enlarged ovaries. Common

What are my Chances of Having Twins While Taking Clomid Baby

Feb 19, 2014 The chance of having twins while taking Clomid is only around 8-10 percent, so it does increase a woman39s chances, but not that much I think it would increase your chances for multiples as well as cysts. She did say that my chances of having twins is about 10 with Clomid

Sep 17, 2007 I am currently pregnant with twins due to Clomid. Yes clomid does increase your chances of multipuls from about 1100 to about 120 Clomid increases your odds of conceiving twins because your ovaries may ovulate Also, women taking clomid who do not have trouble ovulating or getting