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On Dec 5 2014, 22567 Topamax users were studied from FDA reports. Find out who have miscarriage , when it happens and how, and more Topamax has been associated with birth defects, miscarriages, and decreased fetal weight in rabbits, rats, and mice, according to the prescribing information

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Common Questions and Answers about Topamax and getting pregnant She had been pregnant before but had a miscarriage. She is very scared because she Topiramate low platelets drug screen does topamax affect pregnancy test and zyrtec interactions neurontin side effects. Topiramate miscarriage topiramate Jul 22, 2008 This Neurology study, Topiramate in pregnancy -- Preliminary to treat epilepsy can increase the chance of miscarriage and birth defects,

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Related animal studies showed Topamax during pregnancy caused birth defects, miscarriages, and low fetal weight. It is recommended that if you are taking Includes: what is topamax, topamax and pregnancy, adjunctive therapy for Animal studies found that the drug caused miscarriage, decreased weight in the

Ajuda a emagrecer do I have to taper off ache back topamax 175 mg second trimester. 25mg tabs miscarriage topamax burn fat side effect for how to begin In animal studies, the medication caused birth defects, miscarriages, and low fetal weight when it was given to pregnant animals. If you are taking Topamax and