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Unfortunately, poorly trained staff at my gym did a routine chlorine and acid adjustment of the pool water but forgot to put the closed sign up. I was later told that

Truth is, superchlorination was designed for one thing alone, the eliminating of the offensive and unwanted ammonia compounds of chlorine. Secondarily it 9 Sep 2006 I recently have the sensation of smelling a chlorine or ammonia type odor when I breathe through my nose. Any ideas Thanks:confused: If the values are on the right of the scale your water is experiencing generous, even excessive performance from your chlorine. (Yes, it39s true for any other

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28 Sep 2007 Seroquel - D1, D2 . The seroquel hangover 39till 2pm probably relates more to histamine, but im not sure. And sodium clorine makes salt Household bleach is a chlorine bleach, containing sodium hypochlorite which a strong oxidizer and is highly .. Quetiepine (seroquel)