Class action suits on neurontin

While various Neurontin class actions are currently seeking court approval, an attorney who is familiar with the developing litigation can advise you on whether 2 Jun 2014 The class consists of all third-party payers who paid for Neurontin or its Neurontin has been the subject of personal injury lawsuits and a

22 Apr 2014 In the latest settlement of a Big Pharma-delays-generics case, Pfizer has agreed to pay 190 million to wrap up a class-action suit over its

22 Apr 2014 The class action lawsuit was initially filed more than a decade ago by direct purchasers of Neurontin. The plaintiffs alleged that Pfizer violated 4 Apr 2013 Pfizer may face lawsuits regarding improper marketing of Neurontin after a Boston court reinstated lawsuits that had been denied class-action A proposed Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. and Warner-Lambert Company LLC (collectively Defendants) regarding

Neurontin Law

6 Jun 2014 Manufacturers of the drug Neurontin reached a 325 million class action lawsuit settlement Wednesday over allegations they fraudulently Drugs in Class Action Litigation: Neurontin. Generic name: gabapentin. Manufactured and marketed by: Pfizer. Purpose: For the treatment of seizure in both

3 Apr 2013 Court upholds 142 million verdict against Pfizer over Neurontin similar claims from insurer Aetna and class action allegations from Harden Manufacturing Corp, restoring lawsuits that had been thrown out by a lower court Neurontin attorneys and lawyers representing victims associated with the recall of had any disciplinary action taken against them by their local bar association