Bystolic low heart rate

Bystolic works by decreasing your heart rate, and relaxing and widening your your blood pressure, Bystolic may lower your risk of a stroke or a heart attack Tell your doctor if your symptoms of heart failure worsen. Bystolic must not be taken if you have a slow heartbeat or your heart skips beats (irregular heartbeat)

25 Jan 2009 Please advice if I my heart rate is too low or if this is normal while on Bystolic. I am planning to call my Doctor on Monday and talk to her about

Comprehensive and accurate information about Bystolic and Slow heart rate for consumers and professionals 12 Dec 2014 Recently active Bystolic forums and community discussion threads. Post your question Bystolic making my bp go up and heart rate very low BYSTOLIC can lower blood pressure when used by itself and with other medicines Have a slow heartbeat or your heart skips beats (irregular heartbeat ) Have

Bystolic - (Nebivolol) Side Effects, Dosage, Uses, Interaction

When I was researching Bystolic I found bad reviews but after using it for 3 months now, Heart rate is definitely lower and gets very low (down to 45 bpm when And I noticed that it will limit my heart rate during cardio - guessing by about 10bpm. And it reduced my blood pressure a bit, which was good, since I was on a

This helps to decrease blood pressure, helps the heart pump more efficiently, . It may also make your heart beat faster make your vision change give you a My heart doctor did a stress test and everything was normal. Bystolic to control my blood pressure (13080) and to lower my pulse rate (80-100, with 70