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Also, adverse side effects are more common with combined blockade, and any doses of bicalutamide are nearly as effective as castration, Lupron or Zoladex The side effects of both the orchiectomy and LupronZoladex are hot flashes, and, Eulexin, Casodex and Nilandron can make blood tests that measure liver

Here is a history of my PSA readings while continuing with Lupron, Casodex, and March 2010 0.1 By now the side effects of Lupron amp Casodex have been

Important things to remember about Casodex side effects: Most people do not experience all of the Casodex side effects listed. Casodex . goserelin acetate ( Zoladex) leuprolide acetate (EligardTM) Lupron ViadurTM triptorelin pamoate Prostate cancer resistant to LHRH agonists like Lupron, Trelstar, Eligard and Zoladex is termed Nilutamide has side effects that don39t occur with Casodex. First FOR LATE-STAGE CANCER FOR EARLY-STAGE CANCER SIDE EFFECTS of Zoladex (generic name goserelin) or Lupron (generic name leuprolide). It is extremely important to begin taking the anti-androgen (Eulexin, Casodex,

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experience with Casodex and comment on drug side effects, effectiveness, He has been on 50 mg daily of Casodex, plus a Lupron injection once every 4 Includes patient rankings on scale of 1-5, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age, She let him leave very depressed and tired from the Lupron and Casodex

The side effects have been hot flashes on and off, occasional tiredness, They started him on Lupron right away along with Casodex pills Read the latest news amp information concerning Lupron. Patients need to know what kind of side effects they might experience as a result of the treatment they