Arielle: Immortal Awakening (Immortal Rapture #1) (Review By Jessica)

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**Review From Jessica For The Nerd Girl Page***

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

The overall idea for this book was a good one. I was excited to start reading, but once I did all I was left with was a feeling of confusion. I feel the author tried to put way too many elements into the story. The plot went in too many directions, too many times and those twists never really got resolved. I felt the pace of the story was slow and I also felt like I was wandering willy nilly through the story with no real purpose. There were more than a few times where the storyline changed completely and none of those changes really held my interest. I was quite often left wondering where the story was going but finding I didn’t really care. I found myself not really liking Arielle. She seemed silly, a little shallow and quite a few times I found myself literally rolling my eyes at her. I felt the interactions between Arielle and her 2 best friends were very “school girlish,” and her relationship with Sebastian quite juvenile. I… Continue reading

Love Unfeigned by Nadine C. Keels (Review By Amy)


***Review From Amy Conley For The Nerd Girl Page***

* Book Was Given  In Exchange For An Honest Review*

Love to the chords of a classic jazz band…
From the first time Lorraine, a plucky and competitive girl, contends on the playground against Isaiah, an impish boy whose smile gleams in more ways than one, the two of them can’t help knowing each other. Neither can they avoid passions and misfortunes lining the path to young adulthood, and when the breakup of Isaiah’s family disrupts the haven he’s shared with Lorraine, their natural relationship is eventually threatened by jealousy, grave trauma, and abandonment. As one year follows another, and another, what might it take to reunite these two companions in love: love undeniably real and unbounded by time?

My Review:
A beautiful story that will bring you to tears. The character’s take you on such an amazing journey with every new page you get to witness the discovery of friendships, first love, separation, trauma and finding their way back to each other again.
I love the feeling I got while reading this book I felt so connected and compelled like nothing was more important than reading about the character’s… Continue reading

Blood Ties by Gina Whitney (Review By Mira)

***Review From Mira For The Nerd Girl Page***

I was given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Spell Bound College senior Grace is half witch, half mortal, and one of the most powerful supernatural beings in existence. Problem is she doesn’t know any of this yet. But she’s about to find out—and fast. Her powers are awakening, and Grace is in danger as her transformation reignites an ages-old war between her clan and an evil rival witch faction that will stop at nothing to see Grace dead so their leader, the vicious, ruthless Catherine, can harness Grace’s incredible powers for her own dark purposes. It’s up to Grace’s immortal Aunt Evelyn and her best friend Julie—a shape shifter from a long line of Native American mystics—to defend her. She also has James on her side, a witch from the Bolingbroke clan that has vowed since Grace’s birth to keep her safe. From the moment they meet, the two share a fierce supernatural attraction—a white-hot heat that neither can resist. Will their undying love protect her or put her in greater danger? Only time will tell, and time for Grace is running… Continue reading

Cover Reveal and Giveaway – Reluctant Guardian by Melissa J. Cunningham V””V

Reluctant Guardian by Melissa J. Cunningham
Young Adult- Paranormal Romance
(Release Date- September 20, 2013)
Guarding Brecken Shaefer—a dark and dangerous rebel—is harder than it looks. Death was nothing like sixteen-year-old Alisa Callahan thought it would be. Resting on pink, fluffy clouds for eternity with her gram and best friend sounded like a dream come true. After all, enduring one torturous experience after another in her short life deserved some kind of reward, right? Unfortunately, eternal rewards aren’t given out so freely when you take your own life.Required to pay the debt for committing suicide, Alisa must become a guardian. It sounds easy enough, but not when the boy she is forced to protect has a dangerous secret and wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

Brecken Shaefer isn’t any normal teenager. He has special gifts that are sure to make Alisa’s afterlife miserable. When feelings develop between them, everything spins out of control. Not only must Alisa face her own demons— but to protect Brecken, she must face an evil so heinous that it threatens to destroy their souls completely.

Alisa is tired of hiding from her past. When the easiest thing to do is run, can… Continue reading

Cover Reveal!!! Saxon (Morning Alliance #1) by Chantal Fernando V””V


Saxon by Chantal Fernando



Some men won’t take no for an answer.
And some women might find this flattering, being asked out over and over again by a man determined to have you. But not me.
Not that the man in question isn’t sexy as sin, funny as hell and charming as they get.
Because he is.

Sometimes you just can’t allow yourself to be interested in someone for other reasons, other variables.
This is one of those times.
Saxon Tate is my best friend’s ex-boyfriend.
He cheated on her.
He could possibly cheat again.
That’s three strikes.

He’s out.


Cover Reveal!!! Holding Onto You by S Moose V””V


New Novella Coming September 20th 2013

Blurb –

Losing my best friend was the worst feeling in the world. I always wondered what she was doing and how she was doing but I never went after her. I never took the time to find out how she was doing and that broke my heart into a million pieces. Not only did I lose my best friend but I lost the love of my life.

Now, four years later, I am back in North Carolina and find myself longing to see her smile and feel her touch.

One day, she finally sees me and our eyes connect. The connection is still there. She can still make me weak at the knees and she still holds my heart and soul.

Things are different. She is dating my teammate Kyle and I hate him. Not for dating my Sophia but for being the worst person imaginable. But I vow to make her mine again. Welcome to my mind and life. My story about finally seeing Sophia again and how I will always be holding onto her.

Author Info


My name is Saoching Moose, writing as S.Moose. My debut novel, Reaching Out For… Continue reading

Minus One: The Drew Smith Series by Norwood Holland (Review By Julie)


***Review By Julie From The Nerd Girl Page***

***I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.***

Minus One by Norwood Holland is the prequel to the established series about attorney Drew Smith. I found the pace of the book to be slow enough that I had a hard time getting into the story and sticking with it. It was difficult to accept the premise of the main characters’ relationship. Judging by the discussion questions at the end of the book, I am not alone in what I found unbelievable or unlikable.

If I could award half-stars, I would probably give this book 2.5 stars.

The story was fine, the writing was good, and I imagine that if you are already a fan of the Drew Smith series, you will enjoy reading about his start as an attorney. The book has all the drug-filled sex-escapades you would expect in a book set in the 1980s as well as all some of the painful lessons from that era.

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Review – The Bionics (Bionics, #1) by Alicia Michaels V””V


Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  The Bionics  which was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Well what can I say? It is great to see some NA authors tackling sci fi and doing it in such an amazing way. I love the idea that the government came up with the technology to save people and then decided they were so frightened by their own scientific development that they felt they had to eradicate a whole race.

 My only complaint  would be that it was too short and has that pesky cliffhanger ending that authors like to throw around lately (which in this case wasn’t too bad for me as I had book 2 ready to go).  I wonder if perhaps the subject matter is so good that this series of Novella’s wouldn’t be better put together as a novel as the pages certainly flew by.

Definitely for older teen / adults  for the language content.


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Hush: The Naughty Librarian by Penelope L’Amoreaux (Review By Rach)


***Review From Rach  For The Nerd Girl Page***

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


Single Brianne preferred nights alone with her books in the university library .

  • Brianne catches two freshman being rather naughty amongst the books, which turns her on.

    Great description here , it ended with Brianne making them aware she was there so they left .

    Brianne then comes across Josh , graduate student in his late twenties working late , he asks what he can do for her ? But then asks her for shoulder rub. I didn’t like the way Josh was so forward with Brianne . He would have annoyed me but she was attracted to him.

    The next part was Josh being very dominating and while it was very descriptive I found myself skimming through . I was hoping the freshmen from earlier in the story would surface .

    The book left me a bit flat but this was personal preference as I wanted more.

    It’s a very descriptive short erotic story , well written just not enough ommmmphhhh in it for me .

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***Review has been… Continue reading

United Service (The Colony #2) by Regina Morris Release Day Blitz!!! V””V




Vampires exist among us. They can be our neighbor, best friend, our child’s teacher … They alter their aged appearance based upon the amount of blood they consume. They move to a new area, drink a lot of blood, and appear young. Slowly they limit their intake of blood and age, right in front of our unsuspecting eyes. After decades, they fake their death, move, and do it over and over again. Most live quiet lives in an effort to blend in. Some however want power and control. The Colony is an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States from these rogue vampires. Sterling, a half-breed vampire who works with a covert team of vampires to protect the President of the United States, is the weakest link in the chain for his team, and he knows it. His unique ability to glean information from inanimate objects has Sterling spending much of his lonely life down in the evidence room at FBI headquarters. His current case involves the kidnapping of vampire children by a religious cult trying to save them. Sterling snatches the opportunity to do some field work by teaming up… Continue reading

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