Angus MacBain and the Island Of Sleeping Kings By Anglea Townsend Release Blitz and Review V””V


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Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings

by Angela J. Townsend
The Sleeping Kings Awaken on September 27, 2013
(Young Adult Everyone- Also, Middle Grade Appropriate)
Angus MacBain is unaware that his ancestral roots hail from an ancient sect of Scottish kings. When his dying grandfather gives him a dragon pendant, thirteen-year-old Angus learns of a legacy that will take him across an ocean to the island of Iona and thrust him into a heritage he did not know he had. He soon discovers that his mother, whom he had believed dead, is really a seal fairy, in hiding from a dangerous enemy. To save her, Angus must undergo a perilous journey of destiny and power to battle an evil Dacian knight and those who serve him. With only his family shield and the advice of a wizened vampire hunter to protect him, Angus must navigate dangerous terrain and dark enemies, in a land where the past and the present mingle, and sleeping kings wake.
(A great gift for fans of Harry Potter!)
Review By Melanie… Continue reading

Relinquishing Liberty (Second Chances #1) by Maureen Mayer (Review By Amber)


***Review From Nerd Girl Amber***

**Given a copy book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

This is a captivating story about self discovery, love and struggles. The author writes the book from Liberty’s POV. She does an amazing job portraying the depth of emotion in this character. Portraying the struggles, emotion and still being able to carry an interesting storyline that captivates the reader.  I was immediately sucked into a world where tragedy and love took on a whole new meaning. The author does an awesome job of creating a world and characters you can relate to. I found myself crying, cheering and screaming. My heart melted at each turn of events and I sympathized with the characters.

Liberty a sweet, emotional pushover who is struck by tragedy, decides to run away from her problems. What she didn’t realize is that she would be running straight into a love triangle. Two guys vying for her attention. Brett and Shayne each want the affections of the lovely Liberty. One being a good choice and one being the wrong choice. Each man has their own certain charismatic qualities. Which will Liberty choose? Or will she choose neither? Will… Continue reading

The Eyes of the Chameleon by Graham A. Dixon (Review By Tina)


**Review By Tina From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book takes place at Berkeley University in San Francisco, California with a trip to China and back again.  The overall idea for this book was a good one, that keep you guessing as to who did it.   I could not wait to start reading this book, but almost from the beginning I was left with confusion.  The main characters needed more back ground information to give them depth and for the readers, a feel as to whom they are and then they can start to relate or understand their decisions.

From chapter to chapter the story jumped around too much that I found myself re-reading some of the chapters, because I thought I must have missed something and I didn’t.  I felt that the Author tried to put too many details or elements into this story but without giving you the information needed to keep up.  I feel that the story would have been better had some chapters been removed entirely leaving room for more embellishment in some of the… Continue reading

Fall of Venus by Daelynn Quinn (Review by Cianna)


*Review By Cianna From The Nerd Girl Page**

**I was given a copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by this gesture**


In the aftermath of a virus that has obliterated ninety-three percent of the population, Pollen McRae, a young woman plagued with a tragic past, finds herself scarred and abandoned in the wilderness, unable to remember the previous weeks. There she meets Marcus, a mysterious man with a similar plight. Together they are determined to escape a trio of bounty hunters and rescue Pollen’s niece, Evie from her imprisonment at the Crimson Survivor Refuge, a refugee camp which serves as a cover for a much more sinister plot.

Meanwhile, a renegade environmental organization is recruiting survivors for a mission that will change the course of human existence forever


B+ (4-4.5 stars)

I love dystopian books, I should probably stop reading them because I’m so wrapped up in all these possible, horrible futures, I’m not sure which one to prep for first! I’m overloaded in silly facts that add up to a terrible, wasteland future, but I can’t stop reading them, because I just… Continue reading

Taming Cross (Love Inc. #2) by Ella James (Review By Amber)


***Review From Nerd Girl Amber***

**Given a copy book from the author in exchange for an honest review**

This book is the second in a series. Although I have not read the first book, which believe me NOW I am going too! This book can be read as a standalone. This book has it all! Mystery, love, intrigue, sadness drama, heroism and much more. It is a captivating storyline. The author writes as if she has lived the story. This tells me that not only is she an intelligent writer, but that she also researches very well before writing about specific topics.

I do not want to give any spoilers away so I will be brief. This story takes adventure seriously. It captures your attention and sucks you in. I love that about this story. Cross injured in an accident and left sort of disabled and in pain decides to be a hero in this book. He embarks on an incredible journey filled with drug cartels, drama, danger and undeniable connections. Cross learns new things and travels to Mexico for a search and rescue. There he tangles with a drug lord and makes and unusual, but undeniable connection to a… Continue reading

The Duck Princess by Zach Wilkinson (Review By Rach)



***Review From Rach  For The Nerd Girl Page***

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**


The Duck Princess” is the wonderful story of a duck named Juniper, a monster and a bear wizard. Juniper faces a problem she thinks she can’t overcome but finds out the solution was within her the whole time.

Written and illustrated by Zach Wilkinson, with photos by Paul Jarvis, this beautiful children’s picture ebook will take kids of all ages on a journey of self discovery and friendship through mountains and streams, forests and fields.


This book is a lovely story of a duck called Juniper , she could do just about anything she wanted, but knew she couldn’t do everything.

The illustration is really quirky and something I haven’t seen before , I really liked the way the book is wrote about a duck princess who isn’t particularly glamorous but still a princess .

I don’t want to ruin the story but it’s a life lesson we all could take note from .

My daughter aged 6 absolutely loved this story.

It’s really refreshing to see a new take on what or who might… Continue reading

Stinger By Mia Sheridan …. Early Release with Review from Tara PLUS Giveaway!!!!!




***EARLY RELEASE 9.24.13***

Grace Hamilton was the girl with a plan. She knew exactly where her life was going and prided herself on always achieving her goals. It was who she was, and how she lived her life. She never stepped outside the lines, and never considered what she might desire and whom she was actually trying so hard to please. Until him…

Carson Stinger was a man who didn’t play by any rules except his own. Working in the adult entertainment industry, he didn’t care what others thought, and took each day as it came, no direction, no plan. He knew what women wanted from him and believed it was all he had to offer. Until her…

When circumstances forced them to spend several hours together, they walked away changed. But for two people who never should have meshed, overcoming the reality of their vastly different lives wasn’t possible. At least not yet…

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL. The first two books in the series need not be read to enjoy this book. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Check… Continue reading

Cover Reveal – Next to Me by AnnaLisa Grant (With Review By Tara)

Next To MeComing October 1st 2013


Jenna Rockwell had everything: the career of her dreams as a nurse, a core group of trusted friends, an outlet to pursue her love of dance, and an apartment in the heart of the great city of Chicago. Add a chance encounter with handsome and charming Landon Scott, and her life couldn’t get any better.

But it certainly could get worse.

The past Jenna ran from six years ago is finally coming for her and she must make decisions that will drastically alter the new life she’s been living.  Does she compromise who she is and run the risk of becoming trapped in a life she abhors, or does she run again, dropping off the face of the earth to keep her loved ones safe?

Ultimately, a trail of lies and deceit will force Jenna to choose between a life with or without love. A life with Landon or a life without him.

Check out our Review from Tara

“After reading her 1st series (The Lake), AnnaLisa Grant has quickly become one of my favourite authors. So much so, that I actually took on the review of Next To Me, without even reading the… Continue reading

Catching A Sorcerer – Blog Stop, Giveaway, and Review (By Brittany)


Catching a Sorcerer eBook Cover 72dpi WEBSITE

Title: Catching A Sorcerer

Author: Sara Walker

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

Formats: Paperback and E-book

Publisher: Sara Walker

Cover by: Melody Simmons

Pages: 198

ISBN-10:  1491049804

ISBN-13: 978-1491049808


Date Published: May 2013


After a sorcerer kills her mother, fifteen year old Melantha is asked to help catch him. She wants nothing to do with it, but then she learns one of her classmates is the son of the sorcerer. With her spell-turner powers not yet developed, the mission will be dangerous, but it will be downright deadly if the sorcerer figures out who she is and decides she will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Review From Brittany At Nerd Girl

“Catching a Sorcerer is a fast paced magical novel.  I was hooked from the first sentence to the last.   I have loved sorcery since Harry Potter and this book was a breath of fresh magical air.  Sara Walker did a great job of creating a unique magical world that was believable.  I loved that there was different types of sorcerers beyond just good and bad!   

Melantha is a typical teen character with a lot on her… Continue reading

Review – ARC of Unspoken Bonds by Michelle Grey V””V

Unspoken Bonds Full

Melanie here aka VampireLovingDork  back  with my review of  the ARC of Unspoken Bonds which was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Michelle Grey sent me a book earlier this year for review, Dangerous Ally which I thoroughly enjoyed but at the end there was a teaser for this book which absolutely hooked me.  So much so that I messaged Michelle IMMEDIATELY to find out when it was going to come out and having received it I probably SHOULDN’T have started it when I was supposed to be moving house because it was near impossible to put down

Whilst the story is a little predictable the characters are so captivating that it didn’t bother me in the least.  The child Lily just about broke my heart and I don’t even LIKE children! 

Well written and a compelling page turner I could easily have sat and read it in one sitting had real life requirements not kept interfering. Michelle does an excellent job of spinning a yarn that is difficult to resist.  As someone who doesn’t like contemporary romance in general and is not a fan of children… Continue reading

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