Review Terms, Policy, and Disclaimer

Review Policy:

We invite you to submit your book to Nerd Girl for an official review by filling out the form. Please only request ONE book and make sure that it is BOOK 1 in the series.  If you have had previous books reviewed by a Nerd Girl you are welcome to submit sequels REQUESTING that reviewer but please ensure there is only ONE review request with us at any time.  There is a entry spot if you are requesting a specific reviewer, but please keep in mind that they may not be available (unless previously arranged with the street team member). We will alert you once your book has been chosen by one of our reviewers to enable you to provide the book directly to them.

**Please note if requesting a sequel not previously arranged that the reviewer requested may not still be with us, or may not be taking requests at this time.  If that happens you will be notified and invited to request a new review for book 1 in the series**

Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns.

Review Terms:

You as the author agree to provide the reviewer with a copy of the book for review. This copy is non returnable but is only given to the person reviewing your book. All reviews are done with the understanding that the author accepts that the review will be posted on blog sites / Goodreads / Amazon / Facebook pages / and anywhere else that Nerd Girl shares these things.  Reviews are not submitted to authors prior to publication and reviews will be the HONEST opinions of the person reviewing it. Nerd Girl does not guarantee a favorable review in exchange for the provided copy of the book. If you have offered a giveaway item to be given at the time of review you will still be expected to honor that obligation.

Whilst our review will be honest we guarantee there will be no “bashing”. Criticism will be constructive and not aimed at the author or their personal opinions.

Review Disclaimer:

You are requesting a review from the Nerd Girl Official page. Your request will be forwarded out to our team and you will be contacted with the details of who will be reviewing your book and an expected turn around time on the review once one of the reviewers picks it up. We do get a lot of review requests and process them all in order as quickly as possible but know that the AVERAGE time for a review is around a month from THE TIME THE BOOK IS PICKED UP BY A REVIEWER, Please know that finding the right person for your review is important to us. (You can learn a little about our team here …

PS. We are very hopeful that one of the reviewers will choose your book for review but if it isn’t don’t worry. We do not “assign” reviews as we want our team to be excited about what they are reading. We are taking on new reviews all the time so that we can cover a variety of styles and genres and we keep your review on file for 6 months.

Thank You,

Nerd Girl Management

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