Melanie – AKA NerdGirlVamp V””V




Melanie is our vampy girl with the double alias…VampireLovingDork or her new persona as the NerdGirlVamp.

Look for her fangs all over the place. V””V

She does a bit of everything but loves to review…but be warned she always says what she thinks. She is also in charge of the main Nerd Girl Facebook Page and our Amazing Street Team.

Melanie will read pretty much anything that catches her fancy but loves all things vampyric, a good murder mystery, and some sci-fi/fantasy thrown in for good measure.

*Note* She does NOT read werewolves.


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                                                                                                                                                                   Invisible  Enemies  Home1  crossing  EM  MM  DA  Brotherhood  After  Must  Devoted  Oxford  Obsession  Suicide  Undying  RSVP  DD  Curse  dirt  Bloodthorn  Festive  VV  Devil  doa  roaring  study  Glittering Court  Freak   Enchanted  Skin and Bones1  Dating1  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00014]  spell  Coping  ALWH  KF  SRRTW  Chapelwood  Maple  EE  Night Shift  Chasing daybreak  Warping Time  Bloodthorn  Vampiress Rising  Evolution    Stakes and Sunshine  Ectasy Unleashed  Battles and Bliss  6x9Template  Telling Tales  Persistant  Forbidden Blood  Saffron and seaweed   Vamp  Benefit of the doubt  25489451  Mass Murders  The Gems Of Vice And Greed   Miss Frost   I Am   Venomous   Magick  Inner Demons   Tempting Transgressions  Captivating Vampires  Going Coastal  the vampires dreadful read  The Lamentations Of RRuth  Burning Nights  A Ravens Touch  Tiny Glitches  Outtakes From the Grave  DH  7  VFF  Pisces Of Fate   Mr Taxi  ATWTH  Heart of Dragons  Idyll  Unnatural  Golem   Amazing  Forever Camden  Hidden Monster  TDF 2  GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING  TAW  Good intentions  Sherri  PWTW  Chess Queen  Remedy  Must Love  Exodus  Fist  Dragons Luck  Ink and Bone  RS  24647754  Blood  Witches of Blackbrook  GGHG  Devils Daughter  Reunion of Souls  Curse  It All Changes  Castle IC   WMHM  SM  Genesis  Life Bank  Horror Flick  dead Ice  Chess Queen  VMOB Gears of Brass  Schooled  Beautiful Ashes  BOX SET  Crouching Tiger  Steam me Up  DF  8th Grave  7th grave  engines  Ravens Wing  21996757    Demon Bayeau  Chasing Daybrake  41gvRKVPYHL   Bound by Flames  Good the Goblin Queen  Clocks of London  Lebrus  Escape   Reborn To Bite   Within the Shadows   Fools Gold  To Win  cloak  If the light   ID   The Awakener  aftermath  Double or Nothing  Darkangel  Finding Mia  All In  Prince Lestat  Freak Show  The Spirit Guide  Blood Vivicanti  Revamped  Deaths  Landa Beyond  Priestess Dreaming  Royalty  Forever and Alway  To Free  Fealty  Witches  ad  majesty  de  AU  6th-Grave-197x300  sc   NF   dig Celine  eye mastic To Save Last Orphans Basment Reluctant Guardian Queen Of Someday QOH Lunacy The Voice The Devils Violin Creepy Friends femmes du chaos Death Has A Daughter  BenightedTo Light The Dragons Fire    Caylees Confessions The Real Deal  Snake In The Grass   Unknown Sunhon  Deer In Headlights  Demon Inhibitions    Moonless Night  The Ballerina And The Revolutionary  Harbour Falls  Willow Point  aw  Goji  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00069]  Bloods Voice    Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00008]  Jahleel  House of the RS2  6th Grave  Ravens BreathDoll Project  Loves True Second Chance  Goddess Of Fire Burns  Amazing Grace  Sanctifying Grace  War  SavingHisLove coverI Saw Momma Shoot Santa Claus Cover.png  If Tomorrow Never Comes Cover.png  Another Shot At Love cover    illicit cover    Life with a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend coverThe Bionics (Bionics #1) Cover  Cobweb Bride (Cobweb Bride Trilogy #1) Cover    Death of a Black Rose (Rose Trilogy #3) Cover  Blaze of secrets cover  The Key  The casquette girls cover  Minutes Before Sunset CoverAll in the Name of Love cover  southbound Surrender cover  Accidents a Legal Misadventures cover  Kiss And Tell cover  Master For Tonight cover  Woodlands  The Wall The Boomerang Effect Cover  Angus MacBain and the Island of Sleeping Kings Cover  Finding Jennifer Cover  Ending Elf (Elf #5) Cover Unspoken Bonds Cover  Johnny Came Home (A John Lazarus Adventure #1) Cover  My Familiar Stranger (Black Swan #1) CoverInsight Cover  Welcome to the Family Cover  Beethoven's Immortal Cover  The Coffee Shop Cover  The Promise Cover  Burn This Way Cover  Shadows of the Past Cover A First Love Never Dies Cover Last Blood (In the House of Comarre Series #5) Cover  Of Shadow and Ash Cover    Double Star CoverDangerous Ally Cover  Life's Perfect Plan Cover

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