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Sometimes people start with the team and things happen which mean they are no longer part of the page or somebody may come and do a one off guest review for us.

Their reviews are ALL important and so we store them all here.

Reviews For Nerd Girl – Click The Book Image To See The Review

17855115    003     003      001      002    Knotted Cover     The Hungry 3: At the End of the World Cover     15718708     The Hungry     Awakened Cover     Madeleine, Abducted Cover     Gloria's Secret Cover     Plus None (Dangerously Dimpled #2) Cover     Worth the Fight Cover     Under His Kilt Cover     Stinger Cover     Next To Me Cover     Tease Cover     Adam, Enough Said (This Can't be Happening #3) Cover     Another Saturday Night and I Got No Body Cover     Coming Home Cover     Money Didn't Buy Her Love Cover     The Debt and the Doormat Cover     Today Only Cover     Very Bad Thing Cover     Holding out cover.png     non friction cover     always youCover     008   009       004     000     image4-222x300      005       003      002      001     Crazy Little Thing Called Lust Cover     Call of Kami Cover       Patch up Cover     Dragon Shaman Book One Taming the Blowing Wind Cover     Dragon Shamam Book Two The Smoky Mirror Cover     Fall into Love (Naughty Nookie) Cover     Industrian Revolution (The Chronologies of Gyre The Gregorian Part One) Cover     Just One Cover     Blood Ties Cover     Joey Paul - Dying Thoughts First Touch Cover     Joey Paul - Dying Thoughts Second Sight Cover     Joey Paul - Lynne and Hope Cover     The Fallen Book 1 - Dark Genesis Cover     Someone always loves you  cover     Finding Faith Amazon Cover (1)     10961345     Cameo the Assassin cover     18106793     Hero for Hire Cover     Sanctuary Cover     The Starlight Chronicles Cover     From Gods Cover     Catching a Sorcerer cover     To Serve is Divine Cover     Taking Chances Cover     Dark Exorcist Cover     002    001     alpha wolf cover    18306106     18131823     18165120      Three of Diamonds Cover

   18271268     Torn Cover      Darkness Betrayed Torn Cover     Finding Faith Amazon Cover (1)     Done Deal Cover    18170884     18241140     18337930     17715377     17862385     17980526     18301503     18332519     The Carousel Pony cover     The Archangel Jarahmeal cover     Hope Restrained Cove     N.P. Reform School cover     Enemy Among US cover     Where the Hourses Run, Book 1 cover

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