Gladys – The Original Nerd Girl.




Gladys is the Original Nerd Girl.- #NerdGirlOfficial

This is her page and her project and wants everyone to enjoy the ride.

Blogger, Reviewer, Promoter extraordinaire, I don’t think you will find ANYONE that loves books more than her. If you need a Nerd Girl Exclusive or an Indy Author Talk (Guest Blog) she would be the one to contact!!  You may see her around at the conventions!!  If you do give her a #NerdGirlWave!!

Gladys will read anything but prefers paranormal and fantasy.  Her second love is Romantic and Erotica!!  She likes historical and some contemporary ….. as long as its not predictable.


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          Reviews for NerdGirl – Click the Book Image to see Review:

                                                                                                                                              Cogling  Ready  One to Hold  Court  Beauty1  Winter  Fighting Temptation  Desert Heat  Tailored  World weavers  Magic  Taken  His Undercover Princess  divided hearts  Finding1  Groom  daring  17938370  Glittering Court  SRRTW  Furry  Poison  And I  flame and arrow  Caged  Court  war  Arranged  Red cover  24657660  The Key  dark Lord  Wrath  Into the Highander  Long Ride To Hell  Invasion  The Great Hunt  The Wrath and The Dawn  Bad Apple  Burned  Payable on deawth  Forging Day  Gracling  Mystic  MissFrost  Unbearable  Iced   ColdBetween  18712886  18006496  Schools Of Deaths  The Midnight Hour   Chapelwood   Gifted   Knights of Stone  Shade of Midnight  Mackinnin Bride  Magic Stars  Whispered Dreams  Unruly  Petri Dish  VFF  Turn Of The Moon  Always  Shift  23504114  22895264  25485925  DIY  23569428  26152862  26872308  23719540  Seducing The Sun Fae    c  Designed For Murer  20613470  25682941  Highlander  16034295  24805344  26812173  PWTW  Sherri  The Scent  SI  LW  Time  Anybody  Shadow of Jane  Pack  25247902  19246103  22554856  24946174  Crown of Midnight    12364973   23604333  Sinjnn  Magic Shifts  51zY3f5M0pL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_  katie  The Mating MoonInstruction  Magic Breaks     GGHG  Bear witch project  Luna  25366810 Midnight  The Gangsters Kiss  King Callie  The Werewolf's Brid  WMHM  VH  When Love Happens  Wolves Of The Northern Rift  BC3  VMOB  Zoey  possessed  lbtp  elf  Dark Alchemy  VV  Throne of Glass    The Claiming  resist me  MonsterJunkies  Circle  Fall with Me  Bil H  Ghost  Taken by the pack  Hidden  Deviation  TOD  perf5.000x8.000.indd  Wild With You  Soul Journey  BE  16096824  91vRm-KRmeL._SL1500_  The Cull  Techno  Moon Crossed  Burn For Me  Moon Pack  Beautiful Ashes  MS2     MS   queen of Clubs 2   Daughter of Vanth   The Lion Kings  Given  Night Shift   Albion   Images Eternal   Noble Man   Double or Nothing   Overexposed   Wanted   Zombie   Finding Chloe  Warriors Watchtower   Heart Grow Fonder   Mel  Slice and Dice  CoEN  Athena  Familiar Ground  Seduced  Taking Back Sunday  Heart of the Matter  Extreme Close Up  Finding Mia  Serving  The Red Thirst  Cuts Run Deep  Midnight Kiss  Forever and Alway  PT1  twohearts  wts  sv  hunter awakens Dark Roses      how to  PT  GS   AU   MR  cq  fo  agw TVS  Queen Of Hearts Cover  Alluring Turmoil Bayou Stix Book 1 CoverNestler-How to be a Goddess-Final Cover.indd  Renewal Cover  Tripped Up Love Cover  001  008  Interior of lounge bar in modern style


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