Cianna has always loved books.  She’s been reading successfully since Kindergarten, and her family realized that books were the only way to keep her quiet, so she’s amassed a big library. When she’s not hanging around NerdGirl, she is a grad student, works as a freelance Marketing and Assistant for authors and businesses, and love to play board games, especially if she can win.

She’ll read anything you give her but she loves sci-fi, fantasy, horror, dark comedy, poetry, and historical fiction for sure among others. If it has wizards, dragons or hobbits, even better :) She is also currently addicted to audiobooks, and loves to review them for NerdGirl! :)

She also does graphic design, runs her own blog & FB page, and is continuously pimping out authors!


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Reviews For Nerd Girl – Click The Book Image To See The Review

                                                                               29554429  Hell on the Heart  Ulterior Morives  Sorrows Point  mercys Prince  26209474  Hell In Heels  Casquette Girls  FR  The Midnight Hour  Swift Kick  Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00022]   Fake It  VFF   26240797  25927908  61w1DDY6ymL._SL300_  25457002  26874351  18744137  Ghosts  vexed  Soul-Reborn-Ebook-683x1024  TrutchWitch  Protector  QOA  King Of Fools  Halfway Dead  FS 4  25202199  25458006  Lightning  24234659  WMHM  23006830  22360786  LL  Scarlet  TTL  Banshee1  VH  Blood in the Air  20706713  22819890  Lucas  Empires  Faerie   last  Mask of the Swag  HH  fp  fbull  inter  Trinity ctgs bwi de  holes   Forager  HW  Jack Cannon gab    The Red Sun Rises Cover  Dragon Thief Cover  Desert Rose Cover  Revenge of the Orgasm: (An Erotic Autobiography) Cover  A legacy of Light Cover  The Possession Cover  Beyond Dusk: Anne  The Underlighters front only    A Knight from Dein Cover  Ten Days Cover  18621232  Wildfire: A Paranormal Mystery with Cowboys and Dragons CoverThe Starlight Chronicles Cover  Project Mimic cover  Timbuctoo cover.png  Scorpion Soup ebook cover    Fall of Venus Cover   17250811  UWCover   eyespy  jackcannon

The Faerie Guardian part 1 cover  Erin the fire goddess the begining cover Conspirator's Odessey: The Evolution of the Patron Saint Cover

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