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How much does it cost to advertise on NGO?

We charge $10 per ad per ad-space per month or $100 per ad per ad-space per year. But what does that mean? Lets say you have 1 ad that you want to be visible in the sidebar and injected into the posts for 2 months. That’s 1 ad in 2 different ad spaces which equals $20 per month. To run this for 2 months is $20 x 2 (months) = $40 total. Running your ad for a whole year gets you 2 months FREE!! HOW BOUT THOSE SAVINGS!

What are the ad sizes that you accept?

Here’s a handy-dandy chart that shows all the ad sizes we support and where they go. All sizes are in pixels.

Ad Size Name Above/Below Content Inside Content Sidebar
300×250 Medium Rectangle  
728×90  Leaderboard  
468×60  Banner
160×600  Wide Skyscraper  
300×600 Half Page

Google also has an awesome guide that goes further in depth about it. Check it out here → Google’s Guide to Ad Sizes

How often will my ad be displayed?

Your ad will be placed in a rotation with  the other ads that we run on our site. We do not favor one ad over another. We love all our ads equally so each ad is evenly weighted in the rotation. So if you don’t see it, hit F5. It’ll show up!

What kind of site traffic does NGO get?

This is bit of a tricky question when it comes to advertising. It depends on if you care about hits vs. impressions. So we are going to give you some of our averages and let you make your own decision.

  • ♥ In 2014,  we averaged 118 unique hits everyday. That’s an average 3,500 unique hits a month.
  • ♥ Each ad that we currently have up has been displayed (impression) from 38,000 to 85,000 times since June 2014.
So who do I contact to get my ad on NGO?

You can send an email to with questions or concerns you may have about the purchase or fill out the form right here ↓. Someone will contact you withen 24 hours to get things rolling!

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