Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Trilogy) by Anna Applegate – (Review by Ariela – #NerdGirlSpooky)

Title: Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Trilogy)

Author: Anna Applegate

Published Date: June 22nd 2013

Genre: Vampires


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At the start of her senior year at Kingsbrook College, a small school in Northern Michigan, Ariya Adams has a perfectly normal existence. Determined to make this her best year yet, she attends her classes and hangs out with the friends she has come to love more than life.

That is until the arrival of the sexy and mysterious transfer student James Rymer, who captivates her affections almost instantly. With her emotions on the fritz for no apparent reason, and unsure if he shares her feelings, Ariya finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster in which everything she knows and loves is questioned.

When fantasy and reality mix, Ariya’s world is turned upside down and she learns that “normal” isn’t what she thought it was. Danger soon comes for her and she discovers that everyone has been keeping secrets from her. The battle between one’s duty and what feels right will have to be fought and it may be a struggle for Ariya to stay alive. When Ariya’s life and the lives of the people she cares for most are endangered, she learns to never underestimate the power of blood.

Protected is a New-Adult, Paranormal Romance. It is the first book in the Ariya Adams trilogy.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***

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***Ariela – #NerdGirlSpooky’s Review***


That is what mostly ran through my mind while reading this book. I honestly could not give this book enough stars to show how amazing it is. I was hooked from start until the end. I was left with wanting more and that is the feeling I look for when picking up a book. Anna Applegate did an excellent job writing “Protected”.

Throughout reading this book, I would have never guessed that I would have fallen so in love with it. Out of all the characters, I mostly fell in love with James. Although I wish I was Ariya so I could have James (he has totally become my new bookish boyfriend, by the way), there is just something about him that draws me into him. Even before I started to get to know him and as time went on, I finally put my finger on it. It was how much he truly cares for people. Whether he knows them or not and that trait is hard to find in people… especially vampires. There is so much harm he could create but he chooses to suffer than to cause anyone harm. In various moments throughout the book, he had to make multiple decisions on what is right versus his duty. You can see how much it pained him to make some of the decisions he decided on in the end. It’s hard to find compassion like that.

I mean look at Emma and Devon, they are the complete opposite of James. Their hatred was their doom and I am for one glad they’re dead.

Then we have Nick and Caroline… there is just no words for how loving and cute they are. They made me feel warm and giddy on the inside every time Ariya describe them. The love they have for each other is something people dream about everyday. Don’t even think about pissing them off either, they go to the end of the world for the people they love and that’s how lovers and friends should be!

I can’t forget about Riley! Riley, Riley, Riley. He is someone you want to marry. It broke my heart when Ariya denied him. It truly did, but I was so conflicted because James is who I wanted Ariya to end up with. At the same time I want her with James. It literally destroyed me. Like how could Anna Applegate make such loving characters and tug at my heart-strings like that. I had to take several breaks because I was getting so emotional. Riley is a man who is not only the best friend you dream of, but a man you would want to spend the rest of your life with. I couldn’t blame Ariya for following her heart, I would have done the same thing. But it makes me wonder… what would her life be like if she just picked Riley right there and then? Would James made her forget everything about him and give her the life she deserves? Or would Ariya find a way to remember him and be with him in the end? Riley makes me want to have a spin-off version of this trilogy of what life would be like if she had chosen him. I need this in my life.

And then there was one…. Ariya Adams. An emotional wreck who I can completely relate to in so many ways. Personally to me she resembled a true senior in college, full of emotion, stress, lust and love. Fighting the urge between focusing on school work versus focusing on boys. Trying to stay optimistic when times get rough. Hanging out with good friends and worrying about them all the time. She was a joy to watch and I loved reading all her thoughts. There’s no way to get to know a character more than knowing their deepest thoughts. I can’t wait to see her after she turns 22, I am wondering how much she will change.

Overall, this book gave me great joy. It also brought me back to thinking about my college years and that wasn’t so long ago. I wouldn’t know how I would have reacted if I were in all of these characters shoes. It just makes me want so much more! I need more and I need answers or I am going to explode. Anna Applegate did such an excellent job with writing this novel. I am extremely happy to have been given this new joy in my life and I can’t wait to read more. She made me so invested in these characters, I am dying to sink my teeth into her next two books in this series!

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