The Price of Love (The Price Novels Book 1) by Maggi Craft – (Review by Jaime – #NerdGirlJay)

Title: The Price of Love (The Price Novels Book 1)

Author: Maggi Craft

Published Date: January 13th 2015

Genre: Romance


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Arden Simms — an average twenty-five-year-old med student — is headstrong, inde- pendent, and spends most of her time consumed by her studies. The last thing she wants is a romantic relationship that could cause her life to veer off track.
Slayde Price is gorgeous, kind, and well on his way to fame and fortune. But the shal- low people he’s surrounded by in Paris have started to bore him, and he’s contemplating a way out of his contract so he can return home.
Their worlds collide when Arden flies to Paris to visit her sister — and finds that her selfish younger sister has struck again, leaving Arden alone in a strange city with no place to stay. When Slayde bumps into Arden, his ex-girlfriend’s sister, on a crowded street, he decides he may just want to stay in Paris a little longer.
Before long, Arden realizes that ignoring her feelings for Slayde isn’t as easy as she’d thought it would be.

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***Jaime – #NerdGirlJay’s Review***
Well written story about two people who are on very different paths in life but can’t let go of each other. When Arden goes to Paris for a break during med school Slayde is the last person she expected to run into, or fall in love with.

I really enjoyed the story although it dragged a bit for my taste in some places. Arden was a bit irritating to me because she acted like a child at times when it came to relationship issues. I loved her relationship with Milly. I think I’d like to read a story about Milly.

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    Good read!

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