The Gloaming Rise of the Stealth Vampire Elder by ML Worthingham – (Review by Katie – #NerdKtLBLy)

Title: The Gloaming Rise of the Stealth Vampire elder

Author: ML Worthingham

Published Date: September 12th 2017

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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You can barely remember the last 24 hours, and you have some sort of mark on your neck. Could it be, did you hook up with a vampire last night?
Ancient vampires in modern day Europe, fighting for survival as they evolve along with the rest of us. What was acceptable a few centuries ago will now bring the wrath of Karolina and the other vampire elders as they enforce the covenant.

In the aftermath of the mass slaughter of vampires in eighteenth century Europe Valentin tries to keep the fragile covenant not to kill mortals intact through a strategy of abundance. Working from the shadows as vampire elders rule the three nests of modern day Amsterdam, he attempts to manage the finances of the continental vampires while mentoring the newly turned American Steve.
After dealing with a vampire hunter in Amsterdam, Valentin, Karolina, and Steve travel to the primal vampire nest in tunnels beneath the Mother of Cities to attend the annual council of elders ruled by Lord Makru. Things go horribly wrong though when a newly turned American girl on summer break tells a mortal everything about the vampires, but fails to feed on him, spurring yet another descendant of vampire hunters into action.
Karolina’s plans to start throwing feeding parties on unsuspecting mortals again after two and half centuries are put on hold as unrest in the four London nests spills over to Amsterdam, resulting in violence and the true death for some. When she and Viona finally start throwing feeding parties at the mansion in Amsterdam and the palace in the Mother of Cities another summer concludes with shocking developments and heart breaking lose.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLBLy’s Review***
Valentin is an elder vampire who lives in Amsterdam with his coven. He tries to keep everyone feed while at the same time making sure the general public doesn’t find out about vampires, and start killing them off like they did in the 18th century. However, even though they are undead, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have urges. Sam is a business man on a work trip in Amsterdam who has an encounter with a female vampire. He’s told the rules of consent, he’s told that the vampire virus is very rare and he has a .0001% change of actually becoming a vampire, and he’s told that even if they have a wild and crazy night he won’t remember their encounter the next day. However, Sam does still remember the night they had, is starting to have heightened senses, and seems to be actually turning into a vampire. Valentin runs into him and takes it upon himself to show Sam the ropes and helps him survive his new “life.” Along the way there are kidnappings, vampire hunters seeking revenge, love, death and much more.
This was honestly a little hard to get through at times. There were quite a bit of characters that show up and many plots that started but ended very abruptly, or didn’t have a true ending to it. I think that if this was set up as individual short stories within the vampires in the coven, it would have made the narrative much more enjoyable. There were also a lot of moments where the characters would be traveling to somewhere new, and the area would be described in great detail. I did not like those parts because it seemed to ground the story to an abrupt halt and just go on and on for too long. There were some aspects of the story I did enjoy, like Sam learning to be a vampire, and a vampire hunter keeping a vampire hostage, but overall there was way too much going on. It was also weird that it’s said that the vampire virus effects only 0.0001% of people yet there were a lot of people that showed up that had turned into vampires so the consistency was off at times.
Overall I do wish that there were more enjoyable moments, there was just way too much inconsistency and characters to keep track of everything.
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