Sacrificed by Anna Applegate – Cover Reveal

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“Ariya Adams has a powerful ability that has protected those she loves from every danger they’ve faced. With Audrey, a powerful and malicious being on the loose and determined to overrun the supernatural world, Ariya and her friends are on a mission of vital importance: they must find a weapon that can destroy the most dangerous evil the Protectors have ever encountered. The problem is, they have no idea who they can trust.

That’s not the only complication though.

Ariya has a life-changing secret and must carry out her own mission without her Protectors finding out…especially James, who is already watching her every move. With Audrey closing in, there’s no time to question the magnitude of the sacrifice she’ll have to make to save her friends.

Sacrificed is the final installment of the Ariya Adams Trilogy Join Ariya, James, Nick, Caroline and Riley as they conclude their journey together through the toughest trials they’ve yet to face. Can they finally accomplish what must be done and stop Audrey? Or will she succeed in destroying everything Ariya holds dear once and for all?”

Sacrificed will be released Thursday, December 7th!

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