Through Tick & Tinn by Josh Hickman (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Through Tick & Tinn

Author: Josh Hickman

Published Date: December 19 2017

Genre: Satire


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Say “Martin & Lewis,” they’ll say, “A phenomenon!” Say “Rowan & Martin,” they’ll say, “Laugh-In!” Say “Tick & Tinn,” they’ll say, “You mean the tailors?” Finally, Josh Hickman bravely attempts to right a tragic comedic travesty which has persisted in the annals of entertainment for decades longer than it should have. Unmercifully digging through personal interviews, yellowed press clippings, grainy videotapes, scratchy kinescopes, scratchier comedy albums, and reams of questionable anecdotes, Mr. Hickman has managed to do the unthinkable—to piece together the most coherent portrait possible of the life of one of the last great comedy teams of the era.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s ARC Review***
I wasn’t sure how I would like this book when I took it to review, but this true story was really pretty good. Being born in 1960, I can relate to this comedy team. I grew up with Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges. If you know the Comedians in the 1950’s through the 1970’s, you would understand where this book is coming from.
Jerome Smallsteak Tickelstein, aka Jerry Tick and Lawrence Sven Tinnfjordenhagen, aka Larry Tinn, was a comedy team from 1959 on up. They meat by chance and became good friends an semi-famous comedy team. The preformed in Atlantic City across the country to LA.. Known as slap stick stand up comedy, their show was a hit or miss. But they loved what they did and did it from their heart.
Josh Hickman covers their life story. These two had some wild tales and a not so unusual life. He covers how their career starts and grows, falls and grows some more. He covers their personal lives ad their women. He covers their outside of their comedy team ventures. And he covers their good, bad and the ugly. I think my favorite part is when Jerry goes to the Amazon jungle to find the laugh master. Or when Jerry is held up by a clairvoyance slash nut case and had to be rescued and deprogrammed. I didn’t find the story line funny, but a lot of if was interesting. I felt that the end of the book dragged on a little to long, but I can see how the author wanted to cover all bases on their lives. It’s a shame that Tick & Tinn didn’t become more famous, they might have been the next Laurel and Hardy.
Josh Hickman is a new author to me. His writing style is very different from most of the books I review and that was a nice change. I wouldn’t mind reading some of his other work sometime. He held my attention and to me, that is a big deal.

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