Earth Angel by Jeff Fuell (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: Earth Angel  

Author: Jeff Fuell (

Published Date: September 9th 2009

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy


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When Brian Bradford meets the Devil and God in the same week, it’s just the beginning of a transformation for him and his teenage daughter


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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This was another one of Jeff Fuell’s amazing books. I have read and reviewed The Goatman and The Empath, The Warrior & The Wind Rider and this one is just a mind blowing as they are. Very talented writer that takes real life and puts it into a story that will have to glued to your seat. This story might make you think differently about God and The Devil, I know it did for me.
Brian and Mindy Bradford was a very happily married couple with a daughter Wendy. Brian and Mindy were driving to a party one night and CRASH! Unfortunately Mindy didn’t make it and that left Brian bring up Wendy. Doing the best he could and still try to cope with the loss of his wife, Wendy grew into a teenager and started looking for a new women for her Dad. Wendy mostly took care of Brian instead of the other way around, Brian was so broken without Mindy.
Wendy got sick and Brian was very worried about her. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, but they both knew that she wasn’t right. One night not being able to sleep, Brian went down stairs to get a drink. When he turned around he saw a man sitting in his living room. Not believing his eyes that a celebrity would be in his house, he approached the gentlemen. After some convincing, Brian believed the man in his house was indeed the Devil using a glamour. They had a good talk and he left. The next day, still perplexed about this and worried about Wendy, he stopped at a church to pray for Wendy to get better. A priest sat beside him and Brian for some unknown reason, told the priest the whole story of what has been going on and the visitor.
Later on, Brian will discover that that priest was the big man himself, God. Now the Devil and God had a plan for Wendy and some changes will happen to her and she will have to make a very adult decision. Brian on the other hand, will have to learn how to move on with his live and let go of the grief of Mindy.
There is so much that happens in this story. I cried a lot, laughed and took a different look at God and The Devil. I already know that when you die, you go down a long black tunnel towards a bright white light. I know that when you reach the light, you will be ready to meat your judgement. But as Jeff made these two men of good and evil out to be just like normal every day people, it sure put a twist on the story. I really do hope that heaven is like he portrayed and that God is just like you and me.


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