Dead Man Talking (The Happily Everlasting Series #1) by Jana Deleon (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)

Title: Dead Man Talking (The Happily Everlasting Series #1)

Author: Jana Deleon

Published Date: October 10th 2017

Genre: Cozy Mystery


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Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal.

Meteorologist Zoe Parker put Everlasting in her rearview mirror as soon as she had her college degree in hand. But when Sapphire, her eccentric great-aunt, takes a tumble down the stairs in her lighthouse home, Zoe returns to the tiny fishing hamlet to look after her. Zoe has barely crossed the county line when strange things start happening with the weather, and she discovers Sapphire’s fall was no accident. Someone is searching the lighthouse but Sapphire has no idea what they’re looking for. Determined to ensure her aunt’s ongoing safety, Zoe promises to expose the intruders, even though it means staying in Everlasting and confronting the past she thought she’d put behind her.

Dane Stanton never expected to see Zoe standing in the middle of her aunt’s living room, and was even more unprepared for the flood of emotion he experiences when coming face to face with his old flame. Zoe is just as independent and determined as he remembered, and Dane knows she won’t rest until Sapphire can return to the lighthouse in peace, so he offers to help her sort things out.

Armed with old legends, Sapphire’s ten cats, and a talking ghost, Zoe has to reconcile her feelings for Dane and embrace her destiny before it’s too late.

The secrets of Everlasting come to light and Penelope has to not only accept that things that go bump in the night are real, but apparently, she’s destined for a man who sprouts fur and has a bizarre obsession with fish sticks. Can they clear Penelope’s name and set aside their differences to find true love?

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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s Review***
Dead Man Talking is the first in a new series (Happily Everlasting) which is starting out with 4 books, by 4 different authors, all stand alone reads set in the same town. Jana DeLeon is a new to me author, that I discovered BECAUSE this series contains a book written by Kristen Painter, but having read this one, I will definitely be on the look out for more of her stories.
Everlasting is one of those places you read about, and immediately want to move to.  I am not sure I would want to live in the lighthouse, scratch that, I KNOW I wouldn’t want to live in the lighthouse even with all the gorgeous renovations  but I would definitely like to visit!

The story moves at a good pace, the mystery has a good twist to it (although I did manage to solve it before our book heroine did), with a nice little romance floating around in the background.  As cozy mysteries go this is a good one and earns a 4 1/2 stars (rounded up to 5) from me!


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