One More Sunset (Mystic Escapes Book 1) by Jolyse Barnett (Review by #NerdGirlJulie)

Title: One More Sunset (Mystic Escapes Book 1)

Author: Jolyse Barnett 

Published Date: September 18th 2015

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


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When Abby Stone’s politically connected ex shows up at her new hideout and she uses a wine bottle in self-defense, she has nowhere left to turn. Miraculously, a magic suitcase appears, propelling her into an unsettling game involving a sexy, kind stranger while she stays one breath ahead of her stalker.

Dylan Reece escaped tragedy to become a Key West single, yet Abby’s sad, wary eyes hold secrets and a chance for his redemption, if not more…

Will the magic of their love be enough to save them?


***Adult Warning – May Contain Violence, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***
One More Sunset by Jolyse Barnett is a romantic suspense with a little bit of magic in the mix. I wasn’t sure that I would appreciate the “magic”, but it is done with an adorable flair. Abby Stone’s late grandmother taught her that there is more in the universe than what you experience with your five basic senses, so she goes with the flow when a mysterious suitcase is delivered to her in her moment of need.

I loved main character Abby. Regardless of her tragic situation, she has spunk and she has no intention of being a victim. She keeps on, keeping on. Unfortunately, her abusive ex-boyfriend, Kyle, has the same tenacity. Kyle is just despicable, powerful, connected, and possessive. His childish, self-centered beliefs lead him to believe that there are no consequences for doing whatever he has to in order to obtain what he wants. Dylan Reece is the antithesis of Kyle. He is the perfect guy. He is sensitive, chivalrous, and magnanimous. I fell for him as soon as he was introduced into the story.

Abby and Dylan’s romance is secondary in the story. Their relationship progresses at a very realistic and tasteful pace. First and foremost in the plot is Abby’s survival.
Author Ms. Barnett treats the topic of abusive relationships with sensitivity and respect. There is nothing irreverent about this tale. She is able to do that and add a little whimsy in the mix. The whimsical magic comes from a couple of elderly, Greek women who are a kin to guardian angels or fairy godmothers. Their interventions are mild to the point of just being “assists”. Abby is in total control of her destiny, but Elpida and Lysis mysteriously provide her with a few tools to help her take back her life. I wish for each abused woman, a real-life Elpida and Lysis to help her get out of their dangerous situation.

One More Sunset is a charming, hopeful read that surprised me from start to finish. Tight writing, strong plot, lovely romance, and a good message make this book a perfect read.


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