Miss Frost Cracks A Caper: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost Book 4) by Kristen Painter (Review by Melanie V””V – #NerdGirlVamp)

Title: Miss Frost Cracks A Caper: A Nocturne Falls Mystery (Jayne Frost Book 4)  


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Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year.
Jayne Frost is a lot of things. Winter elf, Jack Frost’s daughter, Santa Claus’s niece, heir to the Winter Throne and now…private investigator. Sort of.
When Lark Bramble, an old frenemy, shows up in Nocturne Falls, Jayne finds herself reliving the painful past and trying to make responsible decisions that won’t mess up her future. But being an adult proves harder than she thought.
Finally at peace with where things stand between her and Lark, Jayne thinks everything’s cool until a chilling event at the Black and Orange Ball shatters that peace and puts Jayne at odds with the powers that be. She knows she’s on thin ice, but she’s determined to crack the caper.
Can Jayne find a way to right the wrongs she might have caused or will she forever bear the guilt of allowing herself to be snowed again?


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***Melanie – #NerdGirlVamp’s  Review***
This is the 4th book in the Nocturne Falls adjacent series (I say adjacent because it isn’t so much a spin-off to me, but a series of new stories following one main set of characters as opposed to the regular NF books which is a new couple each novel and all can be read as stand alones).   As followers of my reviews know I don’t give spoilers but this is one time where I REALLY want to … but don’t worry … I won’t.  Let me just say that those people following this series will not be disappointed.  We have really hit a turning point in Jayne’s romantic life, and I LOVE IT!

These stories are just great escape reads.  Nocturne Falls is by far my number 1 fictional town that I would choose to move to.  If you haven’t started these books yet I would definitely recommend starting with books 1.  Fans of the series already? Jump right in! You won’t be disappointed.

An easy 5 stars from me and I know I am always saying this but this is definitely my favorite book in this series so far.  It is  SINfully delicious, like a perfect donut. (When you read the book you will know why that is amusing me so much especially as yes this is a cozy mystery so it is a clean read!! Bet your wheels are turning now aren’t they!)


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