Night Stalker (Dead Loves Life Book 1) by R.L. Weeks (Review by Laura – #NerdGirlVixen)

Title: Night Stalker (Dead Loves Life Book 1)

Author: R.L. Weeks 

Published Date: August 31st 2017

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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A strange knock, a shadow moving in the hall, a breath on her neck – it’s 3AM and Casey has woken up from the same reoccurring nightmare.
Sadon was there, the mystery guy she had only met in her nightmares. He looks and sounds strange and has even stranger tastes. His unhealthy obsession with Casey has kept her awake more than once – terrified to fall into his embrace as she closes her eyes.
As she drives back from work the next day, down Highway 606, she loses her way and stumbles across an old hotel. As the gate closes, she realizes she has stepped into her nightmares, but this time it’s real.
In the home of the shadow stalkers, she’s against the clock to find a way out.
She must take a step into the unknown and abandon her fears before she loses her mind in those derelict rooms like so many before her.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Laura – #NerdGirlVixen’s  Review***
Night Stalker by R.L. Weeks was a unique twist on vampires and the lore surrounding them. The story starts off one way and then ends with something totally different. I wasn’t mad at that. Not. At. All. I loved that the author added an occult touch to the characters. While I didn’t love Casey right off the bat, I slowly came around. Oh Scorpio…let’s just say I can’t wait for the book. If you’re a fan of paranormal and vampires, you should definitely check out this book! I give this 4 stars.


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