His Soul to Hold (Dark Knights of Heaven, #2) by T.W. Knight (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy)

Title: His Soul to Hold (Dark Knights of Heaven, #2) 

Author:  T.W. Knight

Published Date: November 2nd 2016

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have not abandoned their duty. For millennia they’ve battled demons, protecting human kind from Lucifer’s servants. Less than a year ago hundreds of demons escaped Hell world-wide stretching the Knights resources to their limits. Now they face the greatest challenge of all—discovering love.
Breanna Thorn spent the last ten years fighting demons with her twin brother Sam, and she’s damn good at it. But at twenty three all she really wants is a normal life with dating, college and quiet. To balance the life she wants and the life she has, Bree studies demons and other supernatural creatures in hopes of better understanding the enemy. When she meets fallen angel Bass, Bree encounters a complication she never saw coming—love.

Bass’ persona of hedonism begins to crumble when he meets Breanna. She’s beautiful, intelligent, a kick ass fighter and the vessel for his immortal soul. He knows he’s no good for her but no matter how hard he tries to make Bree hate him; she keeps finding a way into his heart. He’ll do anything to keep her safe even if it means giving up everything he is.
After their parents are killed by monsters, demons, Sam Thorn focuses his life on protecting his sister and hunting the creatures that changed their lives. Now he finds himself swept up in a world where he’s surrounded by monsters and at risk of losing his sister—something he cannot, will not allow. When the rage burning inside him breaks free Sam finds he is a greater danger than the monsters he fears.

Hogart once walked the halls of Heaven, now he battles with voices in his head driving him further and further into madness. Being taken in by his fellow fallen angels, The Dark Knights, is both a blessing and a curse. Their energy quiets the demon within him but now he is permanently housed with the twins Sam and Breanna. The voices insist he kill them; his heart says otherwise.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy Review***
*I have not read book one in this series. My review is only going to pertain to book two.*
Bass and his group of friends, Rail, Cassidy, and Boomer, also known as the Dark Knights of Heaven, are angels that were kicked out of heaven who have become warriors that protect humans against the demons that roam the earth. Bass is a guy who does not want to settle down. He is a man who does not even believe he is capable of love. He wants to fight, but he also wants to drink and hook up with as many woman as he can in his long immortal life. During an outbreak in Alaska, the group come across 23 year old Bree and her twin brother Sam who are human demon hunters. Their parents were killed by demons when they were just children so now they will stop at nothing to protect one another, and rid the world of the horrible creatures. After the attack is over, Bree and Sam start to learn more about their new companions and they find out that Bree is an “aktura” which means she is Bass’s soul keeper or life partner. Bree wants to get to know Bass and understand him more, but Bass tries everything he can do to make Bree hate him because he knows he is no good for her. However, the more time he spends with her, the more he starts to open up to her and actually starts to like her and want to protect her. Sam on the other hand is noticing that his thoughts are taking a much darker turn and will need help from his sister and new friends to help him before he does something he may regret.
I thought the story was ok. I just wish it was written a little differently, because most of the exposition wasn’t explained right away. The story would continue and I’d try to understand as much as possible, THEN the exposition would be explained after and would clear up a lot of questions I had. However, I do understand that a lot of my confusion and questions may be because I didn’t read book one. I also didn’t care too much for Bree’s character. She would cry and be very overly emotional way too often, and make really dumb decisions without thinking things through. She seemed to me like a teenager at times, not an adult.


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