Born of the Night (Born of the Night Book 1) by Matt Wanicur (Review by Katie -#NerdGirlKtLbLy)

Title: Born of the Night (Born of the Night Book 1)

Author: Matt Wanicur

Published Date: September 5th 2016

Genre:  Horror


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Ethan Lewis is a precocious, blissful boy. He has wonderful parents who love him dearly. He looks forward to what they all expect to be a promising future. Then, on one fateful day, his life is turned upside down as tragedy strikes.

Twenty-two years later, Ethan is a fragment of the man his parents, or even he thought he would be. He lives in a run down apartment building. He spends his days doing little else but simply passing time in his dreary life.

Then, a string of savage murders take place around his apartment building, wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. Yet, for Ethan, something about this evil is all too familiar.

Given no other choice, Ethan has to look to the past and conquer his darkest fears to find the truth behind these brutal deaths, and try to save any semblance of the man he was meant to become.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Katie -#NerdGirlKtLbLy’s Review***
Ethan’s childhood was pretty typical. He had two loving parents, he’s extremely intelligent, and he lived in a nice suburban neighborhood where nothing bad happens. He has a huge phobia of clowns though ever since he was watching a parade with his parents and a clown gave him a creepy look. Since then he can’t stand them and freaks out anytime he sees one. One night, he and his mom are at a carnival having a great time. He stops to use the restroom and in there he runs into a clown that starts to terrorize him. He freaks out and starts screaming, but before anyone can really help, the clown runs away before anyone else sees him, so no one believes what actually happened. A few weeks later tragedy strikes his family when someone wearing an all-black outfit with a clown mask breaks in and terrorizes his family, which leaves Ethan a shell of his former self. 22 years later and Ethan lives in a rundown apartment complex, working two days a week at a nursing home, not going out, not doing anything, not wanting to do anything. Tragedy strikes Ethan’s life again when people who live in his apartment complex are starting to get murdered by someone who wears an all-black outfit and a creepy clown mask.
I thought I had figured out the twist pretty early on so I was kind of disappointed. While the twist was good I kept thinking “is that it? That was pretty easy to figure out.” However, the last 1/3 of the book brings so many shocking twists that I did not see coming. My jaw was on the floor the whole time I was reading because there were so many surprises one right after another. The twists and turns were so well executed and done in such a smart way. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to read a creepy horror novel. It’s a perfect time to read this during the fall/Halloween era.


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