#IndyAuthorTalk with Melanie Nowak! New Cover and so much more!

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Hi – I’m author Melanie Nowak and I am excited to introduce new readers to the ALMOST HUMAN world of my Venomous Vampires!

The ALMOST HUMAN series is available as 2 trilogies of epic-length novels, and has also been recently re-published as 2 series of novellas (21 total). A feast of a story served in gluttonous portions or bite-sized snacks…pick your poison!

You can check them out on my Amazon Author Page.

I have always lived in a bit of a fantasy world (just ask my teachers!) and spent my life envisioning extraordinary worlds and paranormal characters. In 2003, when certain characters hijacked my imagination and constantly invaded my thoughts, I decided to write down their story for my own remembrance. It turned out to be 3 full novels worth of a story and the ALMOST HUMAN saga was born!

In 2008, while earning my Master’s Degree in Library Science, a professor introduced us to an upcoming invention in the book world – Amazon’s Kindle. I immediately applied to have my books e-published by Amazon so I could feel that I had closure with them and could move on to writing more. They were accepted and ALMOST HUMAN – The First Trilogy was on Kindle for it’s initial roll-out! They began earning quite a bit of attention and a cult following almost immediately… It has been a wild ride into a new career as an author ever since!

Are you new to the ALMOST HUMAN series?

As I mentioned above, there are 2 series in this venomous vampire saga. While both follow the same characters chronologically, you can begin the Second series without having read the First.

The First Series, set around a small upstate college town, is a paranormal romantic fantasy of drama, angst and action. An elder vampire struggles with his faith, his crusade to mentor others, and his attraction to a young college woman, who is trying to navigate the hurdles of dealing with her peers, her job, vampires, zombies, and…college.  

(1st Place Winner by open public vote “Best Vampire Series 2012” ~ The Paranormal Romance Guild)

The Second Series has more of a paranormal urban fantasy feel, still filled with drama, action and romance, the viewpoints broaden to include more of an ensemble cast of vampires and humans who have traveled beyond college to navigate adulthood, and discover paranormal abilities previously unknown. They must learn to master the difficult nuances of balancing thirst, power and…marriage. Oh, and they may just have to save the world.

(1st Place Winner by open public vote “Best Vampire Series 2015” ~ The Paranormal Romance Guild)

Both series were recently read and reviewed by NerdGirl’s own Melanie Newton #NerdGirlVamp, who called ALMOST HUMAN her favorite vampire series of 2016, and said “Seriously, if you aren’t reading this series, you should be!”.

From now until the end of October, I am currently holding weekly raffles on my website

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Winner’s choice – discover the series or win whichever books you are up to!

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Both new fans and long-time readers of the series have been eagerly awaiting a new installment of adventures for their favorite characters – human or otherwise. I am very excited to announce the arrival of my newest book coming out October 27th!     

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Book 1 of ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Third Series

Uniting Vampires

(Vampiress Reigning – Part 1)

Fulfilling her destiny as the divinely appointed queen of the vampires is turning out to be a lot more work than Alyson had in mind…

She’s finally gotten her bloodlust under control (mostly), talked her vampiress friend Sindy into behaving herself (mostly) and has managed to loosen up her husband just enough to let her have some fun, but being the all-powerful leader of the vampires is a position of politics with little room for playtime. Of course, Allie was never one to follow all the rules.

Visiting her human friends Ben and Felicity makes a nice excuse to shirk her responsibilities now and then, and if she doesn’t pull her mentor Cain out of his sulking, heartbroken shell, who will? The perks of being queen are pretty cool, but a free spirited vampiress with powers beyond belief and an itch for fun has little patience for unraveling court intrigue in the interest of Uniting Vampires…

Available now for Pre-Order!


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Where are you from? Does the area you live in influence you writing?

I’m from New York – originally on Long Island and then 4 years ago my husband and I fulfilled our dream of moving our family upstate onto a mountaintop surrounded by State Forest! My stories take place all over New York State and are definitely influenced by some of the places I have been.

Tell us your latest news!

After a very busy 2 years of re-publishing my 6 epic-length novels as a series of 21 novellas with beautiful new cover artwork, and lots of plotting and writing for the future series, I am finally ready to release my next book! ALMOST HUMAN ~ The Third Series begins with UNITING VAMPIRES (which is part 1 of the future novel VAMPIRESS REIGNING). I believe this can be read as a stand-alone book, but it is surely much more enjoyable when you have read the history of the characters from the first 2 series.

When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

I have always loved stories of the paranormal and been particularly interested in vampires. I always wondered about a vampire’s ability to put victims in thrall. In classic books and movies, vampires are always able to hypnotize people, and it’s never really explained. People are just ‘under their power’. I always wondered – why? How does it work?


I’m a bit of a research person (hence my original career as a school librarian). Vampire bats have a anticoagulant in their saliva called “draculin” (named after Count Dracula!) that keeps blood from clotting. I had the idea that such a thing would be useful for vampires as well. It would also be useful if they had something to keep the victim calm, like a drug. What if vampires could actually inject their victims with venom – like a snake? Only the venom would not be deadly poison, but a combination of drugs that kept blood from clotting, kept the victim calm and even willing, and also could mark territory for the vampire – leaving a psychic mark that other vampires could see. The vampire could then use the existence of this ‘drug’ in their victim’s system, to put them in thrall as well.

The idea of venomous vampires seemed so logical to me, that I assumed for sure someone else had done it already. I began searching my library for a book like that, so I could read it! This was in the early 90’s and there weren’t very many vampire books around at that time. I never found what I was looking for, and I filed the idea away. It didn’t occur to me to write it myself until much later. I went on with my usual daydreaming and created a few characters in my head for a story involving this vampire venom idea. One day I realized that a lot of the ideas I had were really good, and it depressed me to think that it would all just be forgotten. So, I sat down one night at the computer, to write out a few things so I wouldn’t forget, and could look back at them one day. The scenes just came pouring out and before I knew it, I’d been up writing almost the whole night! That’s when I realized that I had a real story to tell, and wanted to write it all out from beginning to end. That is how my ALMOST HUMAN vampires were born.

What book(s) / author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

In the late 80’s, I had discovered Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles and absolutely loved them. That was the first time I read something from the vampire’s point of view. The way that she captured emotions and described surroundings was mesmerizing to me, and I really connected with her story.

I’m also a huge fan of the T.V. series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Joss Whedon is a genius! That said – towards the end of the show, I started disliking some decisions the writers made. I understood their vision, but I also saw missed opportunities. I would have done some things very differently.

Tell us about your characters and how they came to be? Have they been in your head for a long time?

Although the beginning of the series is told only from the point of view of the vampire Cain and the young human woman who captures his heart, Felicity, the story is truly an ensemble piece with a core cast of 7 characters. Let me introduce them to you! (Ages and descriptions reflect the 1st book of the 1st series)


  • Full name – Christian Herald
  • Hair – light sandy brown/dirty blonde. Usually layered to shoulder length.
  • Eyes – blue
  • Vampiric eyes – yellow
  • Height – 5’ 11”
  • Weight – 160
  • Body type – muscular/athletic
  • Age at death – 27
  • Vampiric age – 340
  • Place of birth – Canterbury England
  • AIM Screen Name – DarkShepard1734@aol.com
  • Facebook


Cain is an elder vampire who displays quiet confidence even as he struggles to overcome sins of his past. Surprisingly, he found that in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. He feels that it is his divine responsibility to find hostile and misguided vampires, and educate them to live in peace with humans. Often a thankless and difficult task, Cain pursues his goal with unshakable will, but sometimes his most difficult endeavor lies in controlling himself.


Quote: “You think I like being one of the ‘undead’? You know, dying young and becoming a restless wanderer of the earth was not exactly part of my plan. But eventually, I realized something. I’m not the one making the plan. Some things are beyond our control, but we must have faith that everything happens for a reason. We do the best we can with what we are given. As for the things that we can control… well, we all have choices to make.” He gave a little laugh. “Though, some of us have choices more difficult than others. Each day, we must make every effort to do what is right, and pray that we have the strength to do it again tomorrow.”



  • Full name – Felicity Snow
  • Hair – dark auburn red, long & wavy
  • Eyes – hazel green
  • Height – 5’ 6”
  • Weight – 145
  • Body type – curvy/voluptuous
  • Age – 17
  • Facebook


Felicity is quiet, shy and prone to self doubt. Going away to college is an opportunity to mature into a confident young woman; but her new beginning turns out to be more of an adventure than she bargained for when she finds that her new school is plagued not by bullies, but vampires! Felicity cannot divine the motives of Cain, the vampire who captured first her gratitude and then her heart. She finds the historical account of Cain’s past enthralling and frightening. Now she must decide whether the addictive venom in Cain’s kiss is clouding her judgment or if his thirst for her blood is a driving force too strong for their love to conquer.


Quote: “Did you ever feel like you had your whole life all planned out? You thought you knew just what to do, to put yourself on the right track, and have everything under control – and then suddenly, something changes, and now everything is different.”



  • Full name – Benjamin Everheart
  • Hair – dark brown, short, thick and wavy
  • Eyes – brown
  • Height – 6’ 1”
  • Weight – 180
  • Body type – muscular/athletic
  • Age – 20


Handsome, charming, top of his class, and manager of the local cafe, college junior Ben had quite a lot going for him. He never had a shortage of girls vying for his attention, but so far he’d never met someone that could hold his interest for more than a passing fling. Enter a vampire vixen with an attitude and a vendetta against him onto the scene, and this young man’s life doesn’t seem so charmed after all!


Quote: “Sorry, I try to live in reality. It’s a lot less fun, I know.” He paused for a moment, as if something had just occurred to him. “Have you ever actually read the bible?” Felicity only answered him with a strange look. “Cain was not a good guy. Just so you know.”



  • Full name – Alyson Freeman
  • Hair – short-punk cut, blonde, multi-color streaked
  • Eyes – blue
  • Height – 5’ 2”
  • Weight – 110 lbs.
  • Body type – athletic/slender
  • Age – 23
  • Facebook


Alyson waitress’ at the local bar and has been a friend of Ben’s since childhood. Petite, care-free, and fiercely loyal; Allie knows how to have a good time and with her brown belt in jui jitsu, she can seriously kick ass. She makes up for her small size with a large personality.


Quote: “I speak the obvious truth. I don’t have any use for Halloween. I’m already out there for everyone to see. I don’t have to hide behind some stupid fake holiday. If I want my hair to be pink, I dye it pink. If I wanted to walk around half naked, I would, and I wouldn’t have to consult a calendar to do it.”



  • Full name – Cynthia Abigail Applebaum (Use it and you’ll be missing teeth)
  • Hair – long, straight and tinted the deepest black
  • Eyes – brown
  • Vampiric eyes – red
  • Height – 5′ 8
  • Weight – 125 lbs
  • Body type – slender
  • Age at death – 16
  • Vampiric age – 19


This vampire vixen displays the presence of a queen and the petulance of a spoiled diva. She sees the world as her playground, and considers all men as hers for the taking. She has created a coven of adoring slaves, but the two men who truly spark her interest seem to be the only ones maddeningly out of her reach.


Quote: “Let me let you in on a little secret. I’m the top of the food chain here. Vampires are far superior to humans, in every way. I’m the lioness in this room, and you guys are just a bunch of little jumpin’ gazelles. Get over it, ‘cause it ain’t never gonna change.”


  • Full name – Unknown
  • Hair – long and dark
  • Eyes – brown
  • Vampiric eyes – purple
  • Height – 5′ 8″
  • Weight – 150
  • Body type – slim/athletic
  • Age at death – 25
  • Vampiric age – 268


Secretive yet powerful, this foreigner has a dark charm and is master of the largest vampire coven on the east coast. He is obeyed without question, and leads his coven with a firm but fair hand. Just be sure to stay on his good side.


Quote: “Vampires are immortal, and grudges last long. Killing each other has been a favorite pass time since time began I would suppose. Otherwise we would rule the world.”



  • Full name – Matthew Reade
  • Hair –  medium length, strawberry blonde
  • Eyes – blue
  • Vampiric eyes – orange
  • Height – 5’ 9”
  • Weight – 155
  • Body type – athletic
  • Age at death – just shy of 18
  • Vampiric age – 21

Mattie was best friends with Ben and Allie since childhood. However, Ben has not been able to accept him since Mattie was changed into a vampire against his will. Mentored by Cain to handle his new existance, his secret visits with Allie are what Mattie most looks forward to now – especially since they’ve long since become much more than friends.

Quote: Mattie was suddenly worried as he turned to Cain. “Allie didn’t try to stake you did she?” Cain laughed and shook his head no. “She does that sometimes. Could have been very embarrassing.”

What motivates you to write?

Writing is an incredibly cathartic emotional outlet for me. Each of these characters has been taken from a seed of something within myself. It may sound strange because my characters are pretty diverse, but it’s true. I have been lucky enough in my life never to have been sexually abused or addicted to drugs – but everything that goes into making up the personalities for my characters, how they feel and react to things, has come from some little grain of dealing with something in my own life – magnified. At some point in my life I have totally identified with and “been” these people. Even if it didn’t outwardly show – this is how I felt and wanted to react.

What is the hardest part of writing?

For me, it is that my imagination is much faster than my writing! I have my story for these characters planned out through the end of the fourth series and into a spin-off novel! (I’m currently publishing the introduction to the 3rd series).

To the lament of my readers, I am not a fast writer. I outline my story, but I do not write my scenes in order. I jump around to write the parts that speak to me the most emotionally first – I take the time to “live” through them. The story is truly character and emotion driven. I go back over each section many times to layer in different sensory input and think about how different aspects affect each character -this often leads to a lot of research on things for my character’s backgrounds, as well as settings and history. I’m not sure if all of my research shows, but for me, it fleshes out the story and improves how I view my characters immensely!

After I think every important part of the story has been told, I go back and read through it all from beginning to end, adding anything needed for plot clarity and editing along the way. I’m a bit of a perfectionist! It takes a while, but I can’t imagine writing any other way without the story suffering – my characters deserve to have their story told in the best way I know how!

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

Writing is very personal for me and I have learned that this is a career that I need to carry out in my own way – without worrying too much about what works for others.

I did not become an author because I wanted to make money in a career as an ‘author’. I became an author because I had a story to tell and a strong desire to share emotions and experiences. Connecting with readers through these shared experiences is the most amazing thing to me! Readers who recognize the passion in my storytelling and embrace my unique style are always happy to help spread the word to others, and that is something you cannot learn or buy.

I have never chased best-seller lists or publishing fads. I told my story the way that I wanted to and then I put in a lot of hard work, effort and research to figure out how to get my books out there to others. I have never hired anyone to do anything for me, ever. To me, this is my passion and I want to do it myself. That is not a path for every author, but it is the right path for me so far. I have received offers from publishers who noticed my work – but they usually wanted me to change a little something, and they were not offering me anything that I had not already learned to do myself. For now, I am happier keeping full control as an Indie Author and making my own way. I’ve learned to trust myself!

Where do you get your ideas?

I think I have covered much of that in previous questions… Mostly it comes from my analytical mind, always wanting to know how things work and wondering ‘What if?’. Add that to my emotional attachment to these characters I’ve created and it turns into some very interesting situations and stories!

What does your family think of your writing?

My mom is my biggest fan! (That sounds so corny, I know, LOL). I’m sure I get my love of reading from her. She has always been a voracious reader with a love of the paranormal, and now she always gets the first read-through of all my books! The rest of my family has been very supportive as well, even those who aren’t big readers.

What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?

Do your research and learn as much as you can about the craft, but don’t chase fads or try to write what you think will sell. Writing needs to come from a place of truth and passion within yourself. Even if you are writing pure fiction, it needs to be emotionally connected to you somehow – and do your research! Having facts behind your fantasy makes it much easier to believe and escape into!

Also – if you need a good editor, hire one. Nothing turns a reader off more than reading work that is poorly written. I edit my own books, but I have degrees in education and literature and it is still extremely difficult sometimes. When you already know what your writing wants to say, your eyes can tend to skip over mistakes. It takes a meticulous perfectionist with a strong knowledge of grammar to edit their own work – and still no one is perfect! Make sure you are putting out the best version of your book that you can before it hits the cyber shelves!

What book are you reading now?

I normally do not allow myself to read while writing. I am a slow writer and it is difficult to live in another author’s world while trying to write my own! I’m not sure what I’ll dig into during this break between books. The last book I read was Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I’d never read the original and my son had it assigned for a college class so we read it together :-)

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Excerpt from UNITING VAMPIRES (Vampiress Reigning – Part 1)

    “What about this girl, The United One? Did she really dust Arif, the most powerful coven leader on the east coast?” Peter paused for a moment before lowering his voice, confidentially. “I hear she’s supposed to be some kind of divine entity or something… That’s a lot to swallow, don’t you think?”

    Elric chuckled as he leaned back in his chair and waved for Peter to take a seat as well. “I don’t know about divine, but she is prophesied to be a leader of all vampires. She carries an inherent authority you can feel; not to mention the fact that she’s got every supernatural power you’ve ever heard of, and probably a few you haven’t. She’s a badass, too…for a tiny little girl. Trust me; anyone who plans to cross her has got to have a serious set of balls.”

    “Elric!” The urgent shout for his attention was heard not only audibly, but bursting through his thoughts as well. Before he and Peter even had time to react in alarm over the call, the door was slammed open on its own. A second later, The United One herself, Alyson appeared in the office, a whooshing streak of color and sound suddenly stopping dead still before him.

    Her appearance wasn’t nearly as surprising as her entrance. She rarely altered her form during normal, nightly interactions, and in Elric’s opinion, she certainly had no need to. She was a lovely, fair, petite little thing, with light blue eyes large enough to make her look sweet and disarming, yet enough neon pink in her bobbed platinum blonde hair to suggest that she probably wasn’t nearly as innocent as she looked.

    “Somebody just tried to kill me!” she informed him, sounding more offended than worried over the prospect.

    It took only a moment for Elric’s eyes to focus on her before he saw the probable cause of her distress. Her chest, neck and shoulders were covered with at least two dozen little wooden needles embedded in her flesh. He stuttered out a bewildered response as he tried to imagine what could have possibly happened to her. “What the hell?”

    “That’s exactly what I said…after Ow!”

    Alyson was wearing a slight tank top; little protection from whatever had accosted her. The tiny darts pierced into her body through fabric and bare skin alike. She pulled one out of her shoulder with a grimace and threw it to the floor in disgust.

    “What happened?”

    “You know I’m redecorating Arif’s chambers, ‘cause creepy harem sheik isn’t exactly my style. He had all these knick-knacks, statues and things on shelves all over the walls. Well, there’s one spot with a shelf that had nothing on it except for this ugly-ass fake cactus. It’s so hideous; it doesn’t even go with the decor. So I picked it up to ditch it.” Allie put her arms out in front of her as though scooping the offending plant off the shelf, and Elric could immediately see why her injuries were placed as they were. “The thing suddenly shot all of its needles at me like some kind of spring-loaded porcupine!”

    As she pulled another dart from the top of her left breast, Elric tried to hide his smile. “I guess it was a booby-trap,” he said with an impressively straight face.

    Alyson gave him a glare of reprimand for the pun and tossed the little dart in his direction. Luckily, she hadn’t really been trying to hurt him with it. Elric had no doubt that she could have easily used her enhanced strength and agility to impale him with it if she’d wanted to. “It’s not funny,” Alyson insisted. “It hurts!”

    Elric sighed. This was their badass leader? She made an irritated little jumping-shimmy motion like an insistent child upon noting his lack of sympathy. He put his hands out in nervousness to try to calm her. “I’m sure you’ve survived worse, but maybe you shouldn’t be moving around so much until we get them all out.” Some of those darts were uncomfortably close to her heart, although thankfully they didn’t seem to be buried very deeply.

    Alyson gave him a grim little smirk, reading the cause of his concern. “You can’t get rid of me that easy. Let me show you something, see this?” She used her fingers to frame a dart sticking out of the center of her chest between her slight breasts, just at the edge of her shirt’s low neckline. “An inch or two deeper and this could have been a big problem, right?”

    Elric nodded. “Just what I was thinking.”

 “It would have been,” Allie agreed, “but it couldn’t get any deeper than this. I’m a shape-shifter, remember? I’ve added a few details to this body of my own design, ” she explained, pulling out the dart. She then knocked on her chest with a closed fist. “I’ve got a super-solid breastplate and my heart is enclosed in a nice little case of bone. Good luck staking me!”

    “Whoa, that’s amazing!” Peter blurted out from behind her, as he shared a look of awe with Elric over Allie’s shoulder.

    Alyson turned around to take notice of him with a smile. “Thanks. You are…Peter,” she said, pulling the name from Elric’s mind. “Nice to meet you. Sorry this wasn’t a more impressive introduction.”     

     Peter’s eyes were wide as he watched a few darts pull themselves free of Alyson’s chest and shoulder to float in the air for a moment before falling to the ground of their own accord. She must have done it telekinetically; show off.

    “I’ve heard a lot about you…” Peter mumbled in awe. Elric could tell that Peter was suddenly taking The United One much more seriously. “And I’m plenty impressed,” he said, suddenly bowing his head as though unsure if he should be speaking to her so informally. “Ma’am,” he added belatedly.

    Allie arched her brow and dipped her head to meet his eyes. “Don’t call me Ma’am,” she told him with distaste. “I’m Alyson.” When he finally raised his gaze from the floor, she allowed her eyes to shift into their white vampiric brilliance, making Peter freeze in place with his mouth slightly open. Elric knew the effect those eyes had on other vampires…they were hypnotically mesmerizing. She let him stare for a second before shifting back. “Although, sometimes ‘Mistress’ has a nice ring to it,” she mused thoughtfully.

    Elric rolled his eyes as Allie smiled. “I like you,” she told Peter, and then turned back to Elric, her smile immediately disappearing, as though she was fully aware of his slight disrespect. “So why did Arif have his own bedroom booby-trapped? What if Mattie had moved the damn thing? It could have been a disaster!”

    Elric spread his hands in apology. “I have no idea.”

  “It was a trigger for a door!” Mattie said, entering the room as though summoned by her mention of him. Alyson’s husband had been a very young man when turned into a vampire. His appearance reflected his age of death, and he wasn’t tall, but he still stood a good six inches over tiny Alyson.

    As unlike a classic vampire as one could imagine, Mattie had a robust athletic build, pale ginger hair, a light smattering of freckles and a sunny disposition. His empathetic, honest demeanor kept him from drinking blood without extreme discretion. Elric often wondered how such a gentle young man had managed to not only win the heart of this lovely little hellion before him, but also keep her in line. Mattie looked as harmless as a vampire could be, but Elric knew that even in this case, looks were often deceiving.

    The young man had an almost childlike excitement as he came to reveal his discovery. He was holding the offending cactus, now devoid of needles, and came to place it on Elric’s desk. “There’s a secret door behind the wall.”  

    “A door?” Allie repeated in shock. “Where does it lead?”

    Mattie motioned for them to follow him back upstairs as he spoke. “Under the cactus there was a button that triggered an opening in the wall to a secret chamber, just like in the movies. It’s crazy! I guess there must have been some way to disarm it, to get to the button, but we didn’t know.”

    “You didn’t know about this?” Alyson asked Elric as they reached Arif’s quarters. He shook his head. He was just as surprised as they were. “What’s in it?” Allie asked Mattie as they crossed Arif’s parlor and music room towards the bedchamber.

    Mattie shrugged and gestured to the opening in the wall in the far corner of the room. “Nothing much. It’s cool that it’s there, but it was kind of a disappointment inside.”

    “It can’t be nothing,” Allie insisted. “What’s the point of having a secret room if it’s empty?” She stepped through the opening to take a look inside. “Oh…” she said from within. “It’s that kind of secret room.”

     Elric shared a glance with Peter and then looked to Mattie for explanation, but Matt didn’t offer any clarification. “What is it?”

     Allie came to the doorway wearing a big grin. “It’s a playroom. Not a very good one though. Honestly, I’ve got better sex toys than that crap.”

    Mattie rolled his eyes and turned away with embarrassment, but Elric just laughed and followed Alyson back into the room. There was only a single reclining chair sporting strap restraints, with a whip and feather tickler sitting on the seat.

    After a brief glance around, Elric strode purposefully over to a panel on the wall, flipped open the cover and hit a few switches. A large wall panel slid aside to reveal recessed shelves filled with various sex toys, restraints and torture devices. A ceiling panel slid open to lower a swing chair, and another wall panel rotated around to reveal a tilting strap-table fastened behind it.

    Alyson’s mouth about fell open. “Holy shit! And…you’ve been in here?” she accused him, teasingly.

    He cocked an eyebrow at her, daring her to suggest that he would participate in such antics with Arif. “No. But it’s not the only room of its kind in the compound,” he explained with a smirk.

    Mattie took one step into the room and immediately gave Alyson a stern stare. “No. This is not staying. It all goes.”

    “Why?” she asked him with a mischievous grin.

    Matt looked disgusted. “You can gut the room and fill it back up with whatever you want, but personally, I wouldn’t touch any of it without gloves on, even if I am already dead.”



(Vampiress Reigning – Part 1)

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Melanie Nowak is author of the venomous vampire series ALMOST HUMAN, and a happily married mom of 2 boys. She holds a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science, and lives with her family on a peaceful mountaintop in the forest of upstate New York. She has always had a vivid imagination and a fascination for the paranormal. Acting and singing are loves of hers as well. However, upon conceiving the idea for her ALMOST HUMAN series in 2003, she discovered a previously unknown passion for writing! Now she puts her over-active imagination to good use, creating characters she loves, and she gets to play all of the parts!

Visit the author’s website at: http://www.MelanieNowak.com

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