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Jean Murray – Paranormal Romance Author

Which is better romance or bro-mance?

Often my favorite story isn’t so much the romantic relationship between the hero and heroine. No, it’s the love-hate relationship between the opposition. You know the dynamic I’m talking about. The preoccupation lending to eventual obsession. It’s more than just a battle between good and evil—it’s personal.

Thor and Loki. Harry Potter and Voldemort. Superman and Lex Luther. Captain Kirk and Khan. Batman and the Joker. Care to name a few of your own? I’m sure a few dysfunctional relationships come to mind.

What makes these bro-mances between enemies so great? They have a vestige interest in making each other suffer. A level of obsession and sickness that gets stronger with each passing day the other draws life into their body. A hatred certainly, but also a mutual, I can’t quite say respect, but something equivalent to it. Otherwise they wouldn’t find each other to be a worthy opponent. Perhaps, they are more alike than they would like to admit or see those same very qualities in themselves yet one is successful and the other is not.

Core beliefs and internalized values are the very essence of a bro-mance relationship. Core values influence how the hero and enemy see the world, their wants, needs, relationships, and their health and happiness. Often the other threaten this way of life. These are the key ingredients that pull the two together but also repels them.

In my novel, Soul Awakened, two brothers are at odds. One was birthed, the other created by the blood of Asar, God of the Underworld. At odds from the beginning Bomani and Bakari have lived vastly different lives. Born into the warrior camp Bomani fought for survival day in and day out. Born into a life a luxury Bakari has darker ambitions to gain his power through treachery and deceit, until the fateful day he is captured by their enemies, entombed and tortured for five long years. A beautiful redhead draws him to the light, a path of redemption. The only thing that stand between him and Kendra is his honorable brother, Bomani who will see to his end.

The dynamic between these two was so amazing to write and probably the hardest. Their story is a true bro-mance in the most delectably evil and twisted way.

What is your favorite enemy bro-mance? Share your favorite as a comment here or on my Facebook Page and enter to win an ebook copy of Soul Awakened, book 2 in my Key to the Cursed Series!


Asar, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, has been tortured and left soulless by a malevolent goddess, relegating him to consume the very thing he was commissioned to protect. Human souls. Now an empty shell of hatred, Asar vows to kill the goddess and anyone involved in her release, but fate crosses his path with a beautiful blonde huntress who has a soul too sweet to ignore.


Lilly, fearless commander of the Nehebkau huntresses, is the only thing standing in the way of the goddess’ undead army unleashing hell on earth. But Lilly has a secret—one she is willing to sell her soul to keep. If the Underworld god discovers her role in the dig that released the goddess, she will lose everything, including his heart.

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Author Jean Murray brings a wonderful new spin to the paranormal world with her Egyptian Underworld gods. She broke ground in the paranormal romance genre with Soul Reborn and now continues the Key to the Cursed journey with Soul Awakened, Soul Unbound and Soul Unleashed. Night Owl Reviews Reviewer’s Top Pick/5-stars for Soul Reborn and Soul Awakened. See what readers and reviewers are saying about her books ~ https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5103113.Jean_Murray

In her pursuit of a nursing degree, Jean Murray aspired to see the world and joined the Navy. At the end of 2011 she said a heart-breaking goodbye to her Navy family and retired after twenty years of military service. Although her dreams of writing full time have yet to come true, she continues her writing journey and draws inspiration from her travels abroad. She enjoys spending time with her family and of course, writing about the “Carrigan sisters and their mates, Gods of the Underworld,” to bring you the next installment of the Key to the Cursed series.

Where are you from? Does the area you live in influence you writing?

It is not so much where I grew up (which is in Pennsylvania by the way) that inspires me, it is where I have traveled to. Being in the Navy for twenty years has had it benefits and one of those was seeing the world and visiting ancient cities. Their ruins are the perfect back drop for my world building.    

Tell us your latest news!

I’m working on a new series, Scorpion 6, a band of elite law enforcement agents with the license to kill. O’ne, the lead agent, is like no other. Born to a mother high a deadly drug, he has powers and capabilities that were long since lost as their species evolved from their more violent origins. Despite how isolated and removed he has become among his kind, O’ne vows to put an end to the flood of drugs on the streets that are killing its civilians. But, in his quest he uncovers a dark plan—the creation of a species just like himself that only promises chaos and death.

When and why did you begin writing? What inspired you to write your first book?

I started writing in 2009 as a hobby. My first manuscript was a vampire anthology of which I have four books sitting on the shelf waiting to be edited and published. At the time the market was flooded with vampire novels. Knowing it would be difficult breaking into the pack, I decided to write another series based on Egyptian mythology, but present day. It was a departure from the industry for sure. I was warned by others it would never sell unless it was a historical. But, I wrote it anyways. I have always loved the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Pyramids. Mummies. Tombs. It was the perfect playground for my series. In 2010 I received my first contract for Soul Reborn. It was a turning point in my life.

What book(s)/author(s) have influenced your life and writing?

JR Ward and Laura Adrian’s are my unofficial mentors in my writing career. They are the masters of paranormal world building, storytelling and character development. There is just something real and raw about their writing and the relationships they build on the pages. It inspires me.

Tell us about your characters and how they came to be? Have they been in your head for a long time?

For my Key to the Cursed Series, it was the heroes that came to me first. All of them tortured in their own way. Asar (Soul Reborn) was my first everything. God, he was imperfect in every way. Broken. Bitter. He was so much fun to write. His character screamed across the pages. He set the bar pretty high for all the rest that followed – Bakari, Bomani and Kamen. Kamen was my second favorite. He is the tortured silent type.

What motivates you to write?

It is therapy for me really—an outlet. I write dark and deep emotions into my characters. Things people don’t want to talk about I put into my writing. A nurse for over twenty-four years, I’ve seen life and death, struggle and sorrow, survival and perseverance. The good and bad of humanity.

What is the hardest part of writing?

Getting the time to do it. My life is crazy busy with three boys and a full time job. But I wouldn’t change any of it—okay maybe getting rid of the job in exchange for writing full-time, but the boys can stay. J

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

My first series was based on Ancient Egyptian mythology. I did a significant amount of research. The coolest thing I learn was how to make a mummy. I never knew it took 52 days to prepare a body. A morbid fascination, but the religion was amazingly complex. I loved their belief that there was another world waiting them. The ancient myths and gods have risen from the shes in my Key to the Cursed Series.

Where do you get your ideas?

They honestly come out of nowhere—literally popping in my head and always start with the relationship between the hero and the heroine. The conflict. The attraction. And, all the barriers standing between them. It is fun to play out the different scenarios, rewinding and reworking until the characters get it right and worth putting down on paper.

What does your family think of your writing?

They were a bit shocked to stay the least. I’m pretty close to my sisters, but even they were surprised by my hobby and sudden thrust into being a published author. 

What is the best advice you would give to inspiring authors?

Write what inspires you, whether or not it fits in the confines of traditional publishers. Writing is as much about enjoyment and fulfillment as it is getting published. Never lose that feeling when you complete a manuscript.

What book are you reading now?

I have tons of books I’ve collected over the many conferences. I just pulled The Hunt by Anne Marsh off the shelf. Much to my surprise this author uses some ancient mythology in her writing. It’s always fun to see another author’s take on the religion. This particular book is based on a large cat shape shifter, which I don’t read enough of. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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