The Price of Secrets (The Price Books Book 3) by Maggi Craft – Pre Order


In the land of love and fame, there are bound to be secrets—and none are more dangerous than those involving family.

Ardens’s life seems to be going great. She’s a busy, successful neurosurgeon. Her twins are growing into darling toddlers. And finally, after years of stops and starts, she and her husband, the sexy in-demand actor Slayde Price, are in sync.

But Arden doesn’t know that Slayde has a secret—a big one. He tries to handle it thoughtfully, but his controlling father goes around his son, making bold choices that end up going too far. Meanwhile, other people in their close circle are struggling with their own life-altering secrets: Arden’s sister and Slayde’s best friend both find themselves in tumultuous, perhaps even threatening, relationships.

As the lies pile up, will Slayde’s love be enough for Arden?

Even if it is, will it ultimately matter? The Price of Secrets may be a devastating conclusion to the world as one family knows it..

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