Invictus Volume One: Fubar & Fur Rugs and Steel Balls & Stilettos by Tonya Brooks (Review by Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier)

Title: Invictus Volume One: Fubar & Fur Rugs and Steel Balls & Stilettos 

Author: Tonya Brooks

Published Date: August 21st 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


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They were the most elite, totally dark, special operations team. On. The. Planet. Officially, Wraith team did not exist in any known database. Unofficially, the team of badass SEALs were the ghosts who handled the missions that official spec op teams couldn’t touch, and didn’t want to. Until they were betrayed by the covert CIA unit controlling them.

When the enemy changed the rules of engagement and went after their women, the newly decommissioned SEAL team perceived it as a declaration of war. In retaliation, they formed their own private security agency. INVICTUS Security had one mission objective. To destroy the Illuminati, the secret cabal behind the CIA unit.

Against all odds. At any cost.

Failure was not an option.

FUBAR & Fur Rugs
Navy SEAL team leader Lieutenant Jacob Asher ‘Ice’ Pierce knew first hand how deceitful and treacherous women could be. He was not interested in hooking up with a woman so desperate that she sent emails to a man she’d never even met. At least he hadn’t been until he’d actually read them. After that he couldn’t wait to meet her.

And make love to her on a bear rug in front of a fire.

Catherine ‘Cat Lady’ Barker was not looking for romance when she signed up for the Adopt A Soldier program. She already knew what it was like to love a military man, so the last thing she intended was to get involved with a SEAL. But Ashe was everything she wanted in a man, so falling in love with him was the easy part.

Everything that happened after that was a total FUBAR!

Steel Balls & Stilettos
Navy SEAL Chaz ‘Steel’ Carrington was planning his most important mission ever. Winning the heart of the woman he loved. His roommate was as necessary to his survival as the air he breathed, and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his. When a stalker does everything he can to drive a wedge between them, Chaz has no choice except to confess his sins.

Faith once shattered can never be restored.

ER trauma doctor, Jenna ‘Stilettos’ McBride had been head over high heels in love with her roommate for most of her life. Unfortunately, the infuriating man persists in treating her like his best friend. Fed up with their complicated relationship, she’s determined to lay her heart on the line. Then the date from hell reveals that the man she loves is guilty of the ultimate betrayal.

He’ll need balls of steel to get her back.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Kristin – #NerdGirlSoldier’s  Review***
I completely loved both the stories in this book. They were both completely well written and had fantastically developed characters. I enjoyed that both of them intertwined and gave you the third person point of view; I love to know everything that’s going on and this point of view allowed me to know things that another character didn’t.

The first story, FUBAR and Fur Rugs, introduces you to LT “Ice” Pierce and Cat Barker. Cat finds Ice in the Adopt a Soldier program and begins emailing him; this leads to him replying and them eventually meeting. These two are great together; Cat gets that as a SEAL he can’t talk about missions or where he goes and Ice gets that crazy things happen to her….until one accidental email sends everything spiraling out of control and their relationship is FUBARed itself. The ups and downs in this book were great; even though it’s a short story you still get a lot of action (both in the bedroom and in the sandbox/front lines). You’ll love every page!

The second story, Steel Balls and Stilettos, is just as wonderful as the first story and has a lot more humor added to it I feel. You have Steel Carrington and Jenna McBride in this story; best friends who’ve lived together their whole lives and have a hysterical act they do at bars when the other has an unwanted suitor. Add in that both of them are completely crazy about each other and won’t tell the other, and you have a romantic comedy with some steaminess!

I completely loved each story and I recommend that you get a copy now and read it. You will not be disappointed!


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