Dark Lord of the Night by S.K. Ryder (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy)


Title: Dark Lord of the Night 

Author: S.K. Ryder

Published Date: May 31st 2017

Genre: Dark Fantasy


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The only thing standing between a new vampire and eternal darkness is the mortal woman who claims his heart.

Youngling vampire Dominic Marchant struggles to master his deadly instincts as he hunts the urban jungles of South Florida. He keeps his hunger confined to the blood of the guilty with help from Cassidy Chandler, a human woman who can literally touch his soul. Their love is his last remaining tether to humanity, which is tested beyond endurance when powerful forces from his past introduce him to terrifying new appetites he could never have imagined.

His efforts to protect Cassidy from the depravity overtaking him push their relationship to the brink of shattering. Refusing to give up on the man who is her heart, she takes an unthinkable gamble to save him. But is she fulfilling an ominous prophecy that ensnares them both? Or has she become just another pawn in a cunning game played by the five-thousand-year-old vampire who claims Dominic as his own?

Desperate to rescue her from a fate worse than death, Dominic strikes a perilous bargain with his greatest enemies only to face an impossible choice—embrace his darkest self . . . or destroy the woman he cannot live without.

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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtLbLy’s Review***

I did enjoy the first book, but I think that the sex scenes kind of stopped the plot in its tracks a few times, and took some time to get back. This story though is more of an action thrill ride instead of a romance which I enjoyed so much more. Dominic and Cassidy are still getting over the horrific ordeal that they just got done facing at the end of book one. Dominic and Cassidy still share a blood bond whenever he feeds from her, but he’s of the scared of the prophecy coming true, so he tries to stay away from her as much as possible. He also hasn’t fed from her as much as he used to. The link gets weaker the longer he goes and Cassidy is getting frustrated with him. Jackson is also trying to get over Cassidy by dating some other people, but he still tries to watch over her as much as possible, by trying to sneakily get Dominic out of the picture any way he can. One night while Dom is out trying to find someone to feed from, he runs into a vampire he’s never seen or heard from before named Bijou. She doesn’t seem to be much older than him but she’s much stealthier and deadlier. Dom realizes how bad things are getting and he tries to go and kill Bijou, but she always seems to be one step ahead. She tells him that his sire wants to meet with him named Kambyses. Dom and his friend Serge do some research and realize Kambyses is the very first vampire ever created. Kambyses compulsion is so strong that Dominic is starting to think and do things he wouldn’t normally do, and Cassidy knows she must do something to protect Dominic, even if it means being bitten and eventually becoming a vampire herself. After the compulsion wears off and Dominic is himself again, he tracks down where Kambyses and Cassidy are and vows to get her back, even if it means teaming up with the one vampire hunter who hasn’t stopped trying to kill him.
I really enjoyed this story. The stakes were much higher (no pun intended) and it was very fast paced and didn’t stop in its tracks to have any info dumps. There were moments I was unsure of where the plot was even going because Dominic was totally on board with dying if he had to, to protect the ones he loved. I was unsure if he was going to make it out of every situation ok or not.


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