Of Cats and Sea Monsters (Cat Daddies Mysteries Book 2) by Wren Cavanagh (Review by Shelley C. – #NerdGirlRed)

Title: Of Cats and Sea Monsters (Cat Daddies Mysteries Book 2) 

Author:  Wren Cavanagh 

Published Date:

Genre: Mystery


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In the idilyc coastal town of Urchin Cove, Jericho, the official clinic cat for the town’s only vet had hoped to spend the summer relaxing after helping break up a dog fighting ring in the spring.

He had been longing to let the summer sun soak into his jet-black fur, but it was not meant to be. He is dragged into a missing persons case that leads to one murder, and then another, Jericho’s summer goes off with a bang.

Worse, the seas monsters are returning to Urchin Cove, the mono-clawed kitten is missing, and a haunted ship has set sail from the furthest reaches of hell with cargo and passengers keen to wipe the Cove of the map.

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***Shelley C – #NerdGirlRed’s  Review***
I absolutely adore Jericho and the many sides of his personality. Not only does he covertly traipse around town trying to discover the truth of things but this time we get to see his protective side with other animals and his human too. Being a servant of God is really what makes the story for me. But don’t get me wrong; while there is spirituality to it, the story is not overly religious as to be off-putting. It’s really up to the reader to determine what they see in it. There are some minor editing problems with this story, such as missing words or extra words. Normally I wouldn’t mention it but it was often enough to be distracting at times. I still highly recommend this story, and the entire series, without reservation. Each book, so far, has had a resolved storyline yet leaves room for more adventures in this most interesting little town!


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