The Accidental God (A Pygmalion Fail Book 1) by Casey Matthews (Review by Katie – #NerdGirlKtlbly)

Title: The Accidental God (A Pygmalion Fail Book 1)

Author: Casey Matthews

Published Date: July 14th 2016

Genre: Sci Fi / Fantasy


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The world of Rune is just a series of fantasy paintings, or so Isaac Myers assumes; he’s even started adding some new art of his own to the seemingly abandoned project.

He learns better after a frustrating night of gaming with his best friend, Dak, culminates in a one-way trip to Rune itself—where fearsome creatures are intent on eating or otherwise destroying him, impractical armor keeps female warriors off the battlefield, and both a foppish overlord named Dracon and a masked samurai named Ronin (because of course) seem to think Isaac is terribly important.

Rune is real, all right. And it’s a damn mess.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Katie – #NerdGirlKtlbly Review***
Isaac is a normal guy in college with normal friends. They do occasionally geek out and play LARP (live action role play) scenes or dungeons and dragons, but they all have a genuinely have a good time. However, on one game night, a friend named Murph has a little too much to drink and Isaac and his friend Dak taunt him a bit before Murph gets very upset, and they all three get into a fist fight. They call it a night after everyone finally calms down and Isaac goes into an art building to draw and clear his head. In the room are an assortment of paintings and drawings that show a fantasy world that seems to be abandoned by the artist. Isaac has added his own pieces just for fun and (being a guy) has drawn some woman in quite revealing outfits to go along with the story line (of course). He falls asleep and when he wakes up he is literally in the world he was drawing. Scared and confused he has to figure out a way to get home while not being killed by orcs, dragons, witches, or any other terrifying creature out there that he had a hand in creating. He also has to come to terms with how the woman are treated in this world and figure out a way to make things right.
I thought this was a very good and unique story. There are stories out there with a fantasy/realism aspects but the way this one came about, and how Isaac gets into the world and figures out everything is pretty cool. It had a lot of humorous moments too which I think added so much more to scenes. It’s not all serious and scary and sometimes the humor came out unexpectedly but in a good way. I’d definitely want to continue on with this series.


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