A Story for Lily by Krystal Alanis-Linder (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)

Title: A Story for Lily

Author: Krystal Alanis-Linder 

Published Date: December 2nd 2015

Genre: Fantasy


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Lily is a young princess with a lot of heart and a lot of faith. With Denko, a grumpy troll at her side, she fights off many obstacles including: fairies, giant moon worms, spiders and an oversized vulture. The final trek of their journey leads them to the terrible dragon’s lair. The dragon is very cruel, he is the disease that destroys families without remorse, but Lily is determined to stop him from destroying her kingdom.
Holding fast to her motto: “No fear can linger in a heart full of faith”, Lily proves that a true hero can come in any size. There is always hope. Never stop fighting. Be strong in faith and no dragon, no matter how large or ferocious, will ever stand in your way.
You are mighty, and you will overcome your “dragons”, too.

Krystal Linder is a full-time writer living in Brownsville, Texas. She has been married to her Swedish husband, Mikael, since 2006. Their young son, Maverick, and their pit-lab mix, named “T-N-T”, provide many great adventures.
Linder’s favorite hobby is researching history with a dual focus; ancient civilizations, and America in the 1800’s. If you’re in Brownsville, expect to see Krystal at historical sites around town. It’s not uncommon to see her scribbling in one of her notebooks wherever her travels take her. When not traveling, writing, or researching, Krystal likes to knit scarves for her friends.

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***Valerie – #NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This is the most beautiful story as a tribute, that I have ever read. It tells about Lily’s journey and fight with her own dragon, but in fairytale form. Author Krystal Linder has a heart of gold for writing this story. She is amazing!
Lily Lopez is a true living person, until August 26, 2014. She is the princess in this story and just as determined and courageous. As they fought their way to find and kill the dragon, they encountered people, trolls, doctors, centaur and nurses. The troll stuck by her side, but the centuar didn’t, and that is how life is. As she tried new drugs in hope to cure the cancer and for the doctors to maybe learn from her, Princess Lily was doing the same thing in her world. Lily is very special and is in heaven with golden wings now. She looks down upon her friends and family with a watchful eye ready to slay their dragons if need be.
Bone Marrow Transplant, scary isn’t it? Would you join the “Be The Match” and give your bone marrow to a stranger? It could save a life, like it could of saved Lily’s. When I’m finished here, I am going to go and register myself. Think about it! Think about how you would feel if you were in Lily’s shoes. Go to bethematch.org and check it out, you never know, you may save a life.
Lily, Thank You for your story and Rest in Peace, you are amazing! Krystal, Thank You for writing this story and getting Lily’s story out there, I sue do hope it helps. And thank you for allowing me the privilege to read this and write a review, I’m so honored. Lily, you are my Hero!!!


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