Grave Beginnings (The Grave Report #1) by R.R. Virdi (Review by Valerie – #NerdGirlVal)


Title: Grave Beginnings (The Grave Report, Book 1)

Author: R.R. Virdi

Published Date: December 19th 2013

Genre:  Paranormal


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As far as numbers go, it isn’t a great one. Hell, it’s not even a good one and Vincent Graves is going to find out just how unlucky of a number it can be. 
Because someone, or something, is killing people in the Empire state, and whatever it is, it gives people everything they ever desired and more. And it’s the more that’s the problem! 
Well…it’s one of the problems. 
Vincent’s investigation also seems to have drawn the attention of a relentless FBI agent and then there’s the little bit where he has only thirteen hours to solve the case, or he dies. 
Talk about your literal deadlines… 
…No pressure. 
By the end of this case Vincent will come to understand the meaning of an age old proverb: Be careful what you wish for – because you just might get it!

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***Valerie – NerdGirlVal’s  Review***
This book was an edge of your seat, hold on tight, Oh my goodness I can’t wait to turn the page! After the first three sentences, I was hook and couldn’t put the book down. Very different monster type of book and I loved it!
R. R. Virdi is an amazing author. His work is not your typical vampires, werewolves and so on. He has paranormal monsters and trust me they are way worse then the normal type. This book would make a good Sci Fi movie. Very exciting, full of suspense, action on a different level, help solve a mystery and a hint of romance. Looking forward to book two.
Nothing like starting out reading a book and the main character is digging his way out of a coffin buried underground. I guess that is how it starts when he is a soul and a paranormal investigator. Vincent Graves is just that. As he is to find out who or what killed Norman, he comes across a very open minded FBI agent and she offers to help him. Working alone is his thing, but he could use the help, because he is running out of time to solve this mystery/case. The monsters they run into are something else, meaning out of this world. They have to fight to survive and survive to solve the case. Can they figure out what the monster is in time and kill it? And who brought it into this world? Read this book and find out what happens and you won’t be disappointed!


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