Inked (Tattoos and Leather) by Jaymie Holland (Review by Amber, #NerdGirlAmbz)

Title: Inked (Tattoos and Leather)

Author: Jaymie Holland

Published Date: January 30th 2014

Genre: Erotica


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Megan Faircloth is thankful for her menial job as a typist even if it is the most mundane thing in the world. At least her deceased grandmother would be proud of her. The only bright spots are the days when the stunningly handsome identical twin businessmen stop by the office for appointments with management. She watches them covertly and in quiet moments finds herself thinking about what it would be like to be with both of the gorgeous men at once. Being with two men is her secret fantasy. But good girls don’t fantasize about things like that, do they?

Nick and Sean Dorian have had their eyes on Megan for some time. Furtive glances from behind fluttering lashes and delicate blushes, catching her kind words and interactions with her coworkers, have them convinced that she is someone they want to get to know better. Much better. Soon they are pursuing the beautiful redhead with the heart of gold and finding out just how much her fiery personality fires their libidos. She is everything they’ve ever wanted in a woman. But as twins, Nick and Sean have always shared everything, and Megan will be no exception. Will Megan be the woman they can share their love with forever?

Megan’s fantasy comes to life, not only being with two men, but having them dominate her. However, circumstances push her away from the twins. There’s a fine line between domination and control. Nick and Sean know they need to temper themselves to allow her to be her own woman and be happy. But they have every intention of convincing Megan that she belongs to them, and only them… The twins intend to have their happily ever after with Megan and they’re not about to let her get away.

***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Amber, #NerdGirlAmbz Review***

Meet Megan Faircloth. Your average girl. She has a job, a home and your normal mediocre life. She has dreams and even better fantasies! A fantasy that includes two drop dead gorgeous millionaire twins that just so happen to own the company she works at. I mean there is nothing wrong with fantasizing right?? Megan didn’t seem to think so…

Out of the blue Megan gets fired. No warning and it catches her off guard. No job, no money and bills are do! What’s a girl to do? Confused with no job prospects in sight, Megan is down and out. She can’t understand why she was fired. Then the unthinkable happens. Her fantasy starts to become a reality.

The rules at her old job were clear. No personal relationships among employees. What Megan didn’t know was while she was fantasizing about Nick and Sean (the gorgeous millionaire twins) they were also fantasizing about her! After she was fired the twins tried to swoop in and save her. Offering her compensations along with their advances. Megan declines. What she doesn’t yet know is that the twins share EVERYTHING including their women.
However after a Christmas enticing surprise Megan gives into her desires and sparks fly!! Can Megan be Nick and Sean’s happily ever after? Or will the boys controlling nature force her to flee?? Guess you have to read to find out!!

This book was one HOT AND STEAMY read!! The sex scenes are beautifully written with many details. It brings a lot to the imagination. You will blush and maybe even become a little aroused yourself after reading some of them.

The book in itself is a short read and I do believe it could have easily turned into a 400+ page book and been even more satisfying. Toward the middle of the story the structure of the book was slightly off. I do think certain parts needed structural work and it would have made the book flow better. The author started strong in the beginning, but appeared to seem a little lost or frazzled in the middle.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The characters were catchy and interesting. The plot was intriguing and mind catching. And those steamy sex scenes were riveting and oh so yummy!! All in all I give you 4 stars! I would definitely recommend adding this book to your reading list.

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