Lady of Sherwood (Outlaws of Sherwood #1) by Molly Bilinski (Review by Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial)

Title: Lady of Sherwood (Outlaws of Sherwood #1)

Author: Molly Bilinski

Published Date: April 11th 2017

Genre: YA Fantasy / Re-telling


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Robin of Lockesly was neither the son her father wanted, nor the daughter her mother expected. When she refuses an arranged marriage to a harsh and cruel knight, the deadly events that follow change her destiny forever.

After a night of tragedy, Robin and the few remaining survivors flee to Nottingham. With a newfound anonymity, they start to live different lives. There, she and her band make mischief, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. But charity isn’t the only thing she wants—she wants revenge.

As the sheriff draws his net closer, Robin’s choices begin to haunt her. She’ll have to choose between what’s lawful and what her conscience believes is right—all while staying one step ahead of the hangman.


***Some  Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Gladys – #NerdGirlOfficial’s  Review***
As readers of my reviews know, I am a lover of superheroes, historical romance and fairy tale retellings. Lady of Lockesly fits the bill!! She may not have SUPER powers but Robin of Locksley was skilled with her mind and archery. I was thrilled to begin reading this book as it was a total package. The cover inviting, the synopsis intriguing and the genre tantalizing.

Lady of Sherwood is Molly Bilinski debut novel and I found it to be an outstanding retelling. The Robin Hood fairy tale was turned upside down, shaken and blended to a perfectly executed story in it’s own right. It kept me utterly fascinated.

After tragedy struck, Robin and her band of loyal friends had to flee their home. Lady Robin and her loyal servant, Jemma are strong willed and savy. Characters molded out of true friendship.

The band of misfit settled in a small town, Nottingham and try to rebuild a semblance of ordinary life. Misfortune follows the young women and they are forced into hiding, found new allies and took upon the fight to help a community in need. Why not, they are already wanted for crimes they didn’t commit.

Molly wove a tale filled with lady outlaws, wicked lawman and unavoidable romance. Revenge drives our Lady Outlaw but the plight of the poor thrusts her into the life she never imagined!!

This. Book. Is. A. Must. Read. No library would be complete if you haven’t added it to your collection. Lovers of Renee Andieh, CJ Redwine and Sophie Jordan would be head over heal for it.

5 Stars and a tip of Nerd Girl hat.

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