A Bloody Legacy by Lily Luchesi (Review by Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer)

Title: A Bloody Legacy  

Author: Lily Luchesi 

Published Date: April 27th 2017

Genre: Paranormal Erotica


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Give in to the darkness within.
Rebecca Renfield and her best friend Johanna Seward are reopening an old sanatorium to start their psychology practice when Bec discovers old recordings from a John Seward pertaining to someone with her surname. What she finds in the recordings are unnerving, but their new night-shift doctor promises to provide the distraction Bec needs.
Victoria Draconis is a mysterious, beautiful woman who opens doors into levels of pain, pleasure, and submission that Bec had never imagined existed.


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Shelly – #NerdGirlXrayer’s  Review***

This is a short story but such an intense read. I will admit the blurb drew me in. Rebecca and her friend bough an old sanatorium to start their psychology practice. I knew with that sentence I needed to read this story. Along with the fact that it was written by Ms. Luchesi, who writes incredible paranormal stories.

Rebecca and Johanna have ties to some of the patients and doctors of the old sanatorium and it was fascinating to see them learn about some of their ancestors. Victoria is hired to be the night doctor. As I learned more about her I wondered if she was a vampire. Was I right? You will need to read it to see.

Intense, sultry, and sexy characters are what this story was all about. Becca and Victoria have chemistry that were off the charts. Not only was this a BDSM story but a story that was shrouded in mystery from the past and an intense future.


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