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James Fisher, a lonely, bullied schoolboy, finds himself in
the dark and twisted land of Escher after wishing himself away from an
ill-fated family holiday.

Lost and frightened, James must help heal the dying world of
Escher, overrun by the creatures of the Nightmare forest, to return home.
Guided by the emerald-eyed cat, Sam, and befriended by the
headstrong resistance fighter, Jasper, James is taken on an adventure through a
world mirroring his own nightmares, where he is forced to confront his own
fears and the ghostly Shadow in order to save Escher.

Unbeknown to James, not only is he fighting for Escher’s
future, but also his own.
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Born and raised in Hampshire, I spent most of my childhood dreaming up random adventures.

I left the sunny south coast to study Graphic Communication in Bath, where I fell in love with the rolling Somerset hills when I wasn’t walking up them.
Returning to Hampshire 6 years later, after meeting my now wife, Claire, I enjoy a quieter life, walking in the New Forest and relaxing with my wonderful wife and fluffy cat Molly.
I have always enjoyed telling stories, more often than not in visual form, either in films or animations. However, the idea of Escher was too big for me to do visually by myself so I picked up a pen and started writing.
Having written one novel, I am now keen to tell more stories of Escher, while at the same time expressing my imagination with my art. 
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All alone, James burst into tears. “What have I done?” He
called for the cat, but Sam didn’t come back. Since his outburst, the tunnel
had lost its sparkle and warmth, and now all James could see within the
crystals was his own silhouetted reflection. However, as James stood and
started wandering back through the tunnel, he noticed something rather odd
about his reflection. Its movements did not match his own.
He stopped and turned to face his reflection, but it
vanished. All he could see in the reflective crystal was an empty passage.
A sudden cracking sound made him turn sharply. To his horror,
he saw a hooded figure standing behind the crystal looking at him, its face
veiled by darkness. Petrified, he jumped back so far that his spine pressed up
hard against the wall.
Cowering, James heard a distorted voice echo from behind the
glass wall. “So pitiful and pathetic, why do you even try?”
“Who are you?” James squeaked, his voice echoing down the
The creepy figure ignored him, continuing, “Your life is
meaningless, no one will miss you. End it now and save yourself the pain.”
Frightened and angry, James shouted, “What are you?” while
moving to face the figure. But all he saw was a large crack appear within the
crystal as the shadow disappeared. Just when he thought it had gone, the voice
whispered again.
“I am a pained tear upon your cheek. I am your bitterness,
your loathing of those who have more.”
James twisted round to face his tormentor, but the shadow
vanished again, leaving nothing but more broken fragments of crystal. Echoing
out of the darkness, the voice continued, “I am your jealousy when you see
others smile. I am that feeling when you realise you are all alone. I plague
you in the dark, where your nightmares dwell.”
“That makes no sense. Who are you really?” James shouted as
he approached the figure shrouded in darkness.
“I am you,” the voice said, revealing James’ own face in the
reflective surface before the last remaining crystals shattered, showering down
to the ground. 
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