The Pearl and the Carnelian by Annabel Fielding (Review by Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine)

Title: The Pearl and the Carnelian 

Author: Annabel Fielding 

Published Date: September 20th 2016

Genre: Historical Fiction


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***Cianna – #NerdGirlSunshine’s  Review***

I am a historical fiction lover. I have read so much historical fiction, and some have been great, and others have been terrible. It is one of those tough genres because you need to have a few things working in your favor. The setting is critical because without the place and time the story is lost.

I enjoyed this story. It was a solid story, and the relationship that was crafted between Hester and Lady Lucy was very emotional, and I enjoyed that ot wasn’t overly drawn out and detailed in the story. It allowed it to flow naturally. That was the highlight of the book for me.
The whole relationship was crafted to be the focus on the story, but I really enjoyed how the author crafted these two ladies and weaved their stories together really interested me.

The only struggle I really had was the pacing of the story. Parts were fast, but others were very slow and I struggled through that part. The blurb made the book sound much more drama filled than it is which I think gives the reader a different expectation from what the book was.

Overall, this is a good book. It isn’t perfect, but it does have strong potential. I loved the characters and the setting. The author did a great job getting everything together, but once the pacing is fixed, I think this novel will be outstanding.

I gave it a 3.5 but rounded up to 4 because there was a lot to love about this story.


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