Collateral Damage (The Ever Chace Chronicles #2) by Susan Harris (Review by Christine – #NerdGirlPixie)


Title: Collateral Damage (The Ever Chace Chronicles #2) 

Author:  Susan Harris 

Published Date: October 31st 2016

Genre: Paranormal Romance


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When Derek Doyle wakes up next to a ripped-apart body, he’s terrified he’s about to lose everything he holds dear—Ever, his job, and his family. Dealing with his past has never come easy to Derek, especially since he’s too afraid of what people would think if they knew exactly what kind of monster he really is. But finding out who’s setting him up could be harder than the team thinks. As long as Derek has lived, there’s bound to be a long list of enemies.
Ever Chace has a lot on her plate. Confronted with the possibility that she is indeed losing her mind, Ever tries to push it aside as they deal with the ramifications of Derek’s past. Every new relationship has teething problems, but learning to deal with a mate who’s used to being a lone wolf has its own set of issues.
Can the team figure out how to save Derek from a swift execution? And just how much strain will the revelations put on Derek and Ever’s shiny new relationship?
Collateral Damage is the exciting sequel to Skin and Bones by Susan Harris


***Adult Warning – May Contain Graphic Sex, Strong Language, Or Adult Situations. Caution Advised***
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***Christine – #NerdGirlPixie’s   Review***
I reviewed Susan Harris’ first Ever Chace Chronicle, Skin & Bones, for the Nerd Girl Official blog. Once I completed that book, I was so entranced, I immediately 1-clicked Collateral Damage, Ever Chace Chronicles Book 2.

Ever just found her mate, Derek, and now their world is turned upside down by a criminal charge against the innocent Werewolf, Derek.

Ms. Harris has continued with a great job of describing of her world, as well as giving her characters life. This is another excellent Supernatural Criminal Procedural. I await number 3 with baited breath.


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